Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mirror, mirror...

I've been using an illuminated mirror for a few years now, mainly because I prefer to sit and do my makeup in the mornings without opening my curtains. I've only ever had one, an old Revlon Hollywood that I had to get my dad to solder the wiring into because it had worn away! It's still going strong but I got another for my birthday, this time the Revlon Freedom Lighted Make Up Mirror. Instead of the Hollywood that has four separate bulbs, the Freedom has an entire circular light, which will hopefully give a bit better lighting!

I love the Freedom for its portability, it can be used in its stand and it's also hand-held, I've got so used to awkwardly clutching the Hollywood, this is going to feel strange but a lot better! It'll also be great to be free of wires, the Freedom is battery powered but how long those last is yet to be seen!

I'll post a review once I've given it a good old road test and see if it matches up to my old one. Unfortunately as it was a present I can't give you a price, but online it's in the region of £15.

Do you use an illuminated mirror? What are your thoughts?

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