Sunday, 22 July 2012

Comedy at its finest.

This is Steve Hughes. He's an Australian comedian. My new favourite comedian.
Need a laugh? Watch this man, I implore you.
If you've ever laughed at the X Factor, music festivals, the London riots, global warming and the war on terror, this man has all the answers.
What's funnier than a metalhead insulting everything we hate? He'll tell you what...


  1. I absolutely LOVE Steve Hughes, I saw him at the Comedy store by Leicester square for my birthday in December. So witty... and true! :)
    Daniella x

    1. Oh man I'm jealous! He's hilarious! I definitely need to go and see him next time he's here :D xx

    2. Yes you definitely should! Recommend him 100% I think he does gigs around Manchester quite a bit!
      Daniella x

    3. Oh he does? Manchester's too far for me but god he must be good live, it's his deadpan expression that makes it for me! xx


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