Monday, 30 July 2012

I'll be watching you...

The local council must think my area is a dreadful crime hotspot, judging by this sign. The worst I've ever seen is an obscenely large dog.
They also like painting over graffiti on the bridge with badly-matched paint.
They missed a bit. The benefits of education are being felt by few.
Freddie doesn't seem all that bothered. And no, I'm not a bad owner, he prefers broken toys over whole ones.
Nature's example of beauty lying within - a thistle.

I'm enjoying taking as many photos as possible while the sun's out - I suppose you have to when the sun is so rare over here in the UK. It's been uncomfortably hot for the past few days but I preferred that over the ominous cold that's been making me shiver all day, I just don't know whether to crack out my fleece dressing gown or not...

Nope, still not watching the Olympics.


  1. The council in my home town doesn't care where graffiti is unfortunately and theyve let the park fall to seed so much lately that I don't think we have a pond anymore so much as a swamp! Your dog is so cute!

    Helen xxx

    1. Oh that's typical! We had the same a few weeks back but thankfully some heaven-sent Highways Agency staff came to save us from the weeds! God bring back winter when weeds go into hibernation eh? Thanks hun, he always pulls cute faces for the camera but behind the scenes he's a little rascal on 4 legs!

      Ali xx


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