Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Instaweek #3

1 - I was up at 5am listening to Marilyn Manson. Tut tut.
2 - My 4th July makeup as seen here.
3 - My wellies are still caked in Download mud and I can't bear to wash it off!
4 - Wahtuhmelaaaan. It only sounds right when pronounced thus.
5 - Messing around with my previously despised Collection 2000 gel liner. Opinion = changed.
6 - My favourite playlist recently. Rise Against - Help Is On The Way + A Day To Remember - This Is The House That Doubt Built. If you haven't heard either, I strongly recommend them. Powerful and defiant songs, both of them. A rarity in my music collection.

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How's your week been? Taken any awesome photos?

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