Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The life and times of this blogging zombie.

It's been an uneventful week for me but at the same time eventful. Sitting on my unemployed jacksie 24/7 gives me plenty of time to think and still put things off until tomorrow. The blogging world's been pretty dead for the past few days yet somehow I've found myself publishing a new post every day, which I'm proud of, although at the same time I fear I'm clogging people's dashboards with pointless posts! I'm sorry I'm not interesting!

I've been loving the Tour De France and I've been watching the days events at 2pm every day, then proceeding to watch the highlights of said events at 1pm the next day. I might be rooting for the British Bradley Wiggins but I did find myself cheering when a French rider flew across the finish line almost a minute ahead of the peloton. I'm hooked, every single day I'm glued to the screen. At first I watched it to see the French scenery and the hilarious stunts the local farmers play for the cameras, but now I'm into the technicalities, the race itself, the competition. It might seem mind-numbingly dull to anyone who hasn't seen it or doesn't understand it, but I love it now, it's a major part of my routine and I'm dreading the final because I'll have nothing left to watch!
Yes, this actually happened!

What else have I been loving? My new bandana! I finally bought a proper bandana rather than a scarf-ish-handkerchief-esque square of material from Primark, and it's so much more comfortable to wear, it's more sturdy and also, in my opinion, much prettier. Plus I don't have to faff around getting the right pattern on it when I fold it up, this one works perfectly every time. I just have a plain photo of it for now, to be honest it looks more like a Persian rug laid out flat, I'll do a FOTD with it sometime soon.

I'm also loving Hellboy at the moment, I have phases where I love different superheroes (for the sake of a collective noun, I used superheroes lightly, I wouldn't call Hellboy a superhero) and today is Hellboy day. Especially after seeing the news that Ron Perlman visited a young boy with leukaemia dressed in full Hellboy makeup, and the effects team even dressed the boy for the part. Just goes to show that not all movie stars are ungrateful, money-grabbing non-humans.

(Images from Digital Spy)

What have you been loving recently?


  1. omg. hellboy has ALWAYS freaked me out. i don't know why, i just can't stand looking at him! it's like, "ahhh what if someone really looked like that??!"
    ha ha, maybe i'm just being weird.

    1. You're not weird at all I thought the same, at that boy's age I would've died of fright! It's crazy though, the effects team do such a good job on him it looks so realistic! x


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