Friday, 27 July 2012

Primark is my Paradise City.

It's official - I can't just walk into Primark without spending money. It's a physical impossibility.
I saw this Guns N Roses top a few weeks ago and I challenged myself to listen to their music and see whether I'd be proud to wear their shirt. I'm not the kind of girl that wears band merch for a band I don't even listen to, that seems ridiculous to me. So after weeks of being called Axl Rose by my boyfriend, I've fallen in love with Guns N Roses, and I can wear this top safe in the knowledge I like them. The only problem is it's a size 8 and I'm a 6 so it droops on me quite badly, plus the arms are cut quite deep so it definitely can't be worn without something underneath! But still, £8 well spent on my new love!
I'll admit I've owned two Rolling Stones shirts for years without having really got into their music, and I felt bad until a few days ago when I started trying their music out and I was pleasantly surprised!

Awkward arm alert!
Don't you just love awkward bathroom shots? Excuse my non-matching underwear and red face, it was bloomin' hot in town today!

Me and the boyfriend are invited to a 50s themed party next year, and because I love fancy dress more than anything, I made a point of looking for something half a year in advance. I've been staring at this dress for months but because it's pink, I steered clear of it (in case I haven't mentioned before, I hate pink with a passion), but I went for it thinking it was £2 in the clearance, only to find on my receipt when I left it was £5, but once I'd tried it on at home, I'd seen how well it fitted and I think it's still worth the money.

I go through tights like water these days! I love fishnets for the summer, they're so breathable but you don't have to worry about obscure patterned sunburn! Plus I love flowery tights because the pattern distracts from the size of my legs! £2 and £3 for these, well spent!

Bought anything nice lately?


  1. I have this tshirt too :) I have about 10 GnR tees but I had to have this too lol I looove them. It was a wee bargain! And yeeessssss I HATE people who wear band tees and dunno any songs :@ xox

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    1. High five on the GnR love! I'm surprised how well Primark are doing with their band tees at the moment, from Bieber to Bowie they're going all out! Yeah it just seems stupid to me, it's just because a band's popular and wearing their name is 'cool' :@

      Ali xxx

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster award hun - go to my blog to check it out for the details!

    Helen xxx

    1. Oh my god, really?! Thank you SOOOOOOO much, guh if I could send you kisses over the internet, I'd spam the hell out of you! I'm filling it in right now, you chose some great questions :D

      Ali xx


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