Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Compulsory Zoo Photos, EOTD, NOTD and my first OOTD!

In case I didn't mention before, I've been to Marwell Zoo with my family today, and it's rare I see my family because they live so far away, so this was a great opportunity to bring you an all-in-one post - EOTD, NOTD and my very first OOTD!

 I love how the meerkat was reading the sign above him!
4 day old baby giraffe! 

And my EOTD, courtesy of my MUA Undressed palette, MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Falsies!

Now are you ready for this? I haven't done an OOTD before because I'm very insecure about my body, so this is a huge step for me!

I don't have a floor length mirror so I can't take any decent OOTDs, sorry!

Rolling Stones top: Primark
Black denim shorts: Apple Snow (small local brand)
Fishnets: Primark
Black vest: Primark
Blue check shirt: Primark
Toes: Nails Inc Pudding Lane

Has it taken me this long to work out I wear everything from Primark?!

And my nails, presented to you by Nails Inc Portobello, and one feature thumb of Barry M Foil Effects Gold and my rubbish leopard nail art:

What did you get up to today?

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  1. Your nails and eye make up look really cool! Plus who can really go wrong with primark? :p Lovely outfit and btw the meerkat is so cute, one of my fav animals!
    Elle xo

    1. True, true, I can't fault them for the prices! Haha yeah the meerkats were adorable, I could've stayed watching them all day! x

  2. I love your eye make up. I must get this MUA palette and try this. Also, don't your body looks grand! :)

    1. You'll love it! Although to be honest I used the rose gold shade on this look and I'm not sure I like how it blends, it looks really strange! Oh thank you honey, means a lot! x


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