Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in Peony: Review and Swatch

If you haven't heard of Chit Chat before, nobody would blame you. Poundland's own brand of makeup hasn't made much of a stir up until now. One of my first blogging purchases was their blusher, and while I liked it, I'm no blusher professional so my judgement wasn't one to be trusted. 

The blogging world had raved about this Clinique Chubby Stick-esque product a matter of weeks ago, and by the time I'd caught onto said rave, my local Poundland had been stripped of them. Then a week ago, they restocked with a bronze/gold shade that would be completely and utterly unwearable for me, but I finally got hold of the shade Peony, even though in the tube I didn't have much faith it would be a wearable shade for me either. My lips are incredibly pigmented already so pale lip products have no effect on me. Also I'm not a great fan of pink, so I can't say I was overjoyed with the choice left. Saying that, I gave this a try because it was only £1 after all. 

I'm astounded at how much product you get for just £1, I can see this lasting a while if I get around to using it. The twist-up tube works seamlessly but I've always had a distrust of them after being a typical teenager and winding all my lip balms up to the top and finding they don't go back down again. (please tell me I wasn't the only one that did this and ended up with a lovely mess afterwards?)

This product is easy to apply, it glides on easily, and as you can tell, it's well pigmented, especially for £1. It's close to my natural lip colour so I didn't need a mirror to reapply it.
I'm not a juicy lipstick convert though. I have very dry lips and this clings to my dry patches like glue and makes them 100x more obvious than they were before. But anyone without dry patches will find this quite nice.
As for wear time, this lasted about an hour before I felt the need to reapply, which is more than I expected from such a product, but it was still quite annoying reapplying so quickly.
My lips felt quite hydrated afterwards though, but maybe that was the sticky residue of the product, the consistency is so strange compared to a normal lipstick,
I can't say I'm hugely excited about this, but it's probably because I could only get hold of a shade I don't like.

Have you tried these? What do you think of Chit Chat as a brand?

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  1. I haven't tried this or Chit Chat in general, but I usually have a little look in the Beauty section of Poundland so I'll keep an eye out! xo PS: Definitely know what you mean with the lipbalm winding up thing too, doing it with glue sticks at school springs to mind. Ha!

    1. Haha yeah I'm glued to that section for half hour every time and the man gets so frustrated he pulls out his phone to stave off boredom! Oh my, I forgot about the glue sticks! That heartbreaking moment when you need some glue and some git before you stuck the stick to the lid and you've got to prize it apart! xx


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