Monday, 8 October 2012

Back To University: What's In My Uni Bag?

I've seen a few blogs updating their What's In My Bag posts for the return to uni, but most are small bags that I couldn't even fit my purse in. I'm a carry-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink kind of girl, plus I commute 10 miles to uni so I need to make sure I have everything I'll ever need with me, especially as it costs too much to buy new ones while I'm out. I prefer carrying more as opposed to less, I hate being caught without an umbrella and I have to laugh when a friend asks to borrow something because they weren't as prepared as me. Call it OCD, I wouldn't blame you. 

My bag is still the Religion Gothic Slouch bag I got for my birthday this year and wrote about in this post. It's absolutely massive and it can easily fit a hoodie alongside everything here, but my only complaint is that it just has a magnet to seal it shut, the weakest magnet I've ever known. I much prefer a zip because I'm consistently looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody's rifling through my bag. Also I've noticed the dangling skulls on the one side of the bag are on really badly glued strips of leather that are coming apart and making life hell for me, leaving my hands covered in stickiness. 

But enough about that, onto the contents! 

♠ Sunglasses and case. Why I'm still carrying these beats me, proves I carry too much with me. 
♠ Tissues. Pray you, avoid these Me To You tissues, I found them in Poundland and they break at a gnat's sneeze, so not good! 
♠ Pepsi Max bottle. Probably flat, but strangely I prefer flat fizzy drinks. 

♠ Purse. Brand new from Primark and featured in this haul, absolutely gorgeous. Just contains multiple £1 coins and cards (because I sneakily cleared out the receipts beforehand!) 
♠ Headphones for my iPhone – I can feel my current ones are on their deathbed and I can't be caught without headphones, music is a necessity! 

♠ Leather gloves. I like to call them my Alice gloves because I feel like Alice Cooper wearing them. I can't wait to get some use out of these this winter! 
♠ L'Oreal Elnett hair spray. I have big hair. It needs maintaining. Need I say more?

♠ Makeup bag. I'll be making a separate post on this one because it's changed a bit since the last update! 

♠ Coin purse. Full of chewing gum and a stray Roses chocolate apparently! There's some ancient Halls cough sweets in there somewhere too, just in case. 

♠ Umbrella. It's got little skulls wearing top hats, how cool is that? 
♠ Spray. Impulse Into Glamour to be precise. Not sure I like this scent but I need to use it up, nearly there! 

Inside pocket (not pictured)
♠ Pen. Apparently, I'm going to write on invisible paper with this. I don't carry paper. It's just handy for signing the register in lectures. 
♠ Spare underwear and socks. Because you never know. Trust me, if you think this sounds mad, then you've never been caught out in the rain wearing Converses. Your shoes might be sodden but at least your feet will be a little drier with new socks. 
♠ Ladies things, because I'm female and blessed with all the biological consequences. 
♠ Bus pass. £595 worth of travel goodness. This only lasts me a year but god do I get some use out of it.

And the one, most vital component that I didn't manage to get a photo of – my laptop. It's a Samsung 305U1A, and I'm getting along with it slowly, considering I've only had it for a few weeks at best. As usual, I always have my complaints, but that's a little too technical to be part of a WIMB post, so I'll leave that for another day. Anyway it works enough for me to type up lecture notes, get hold of the documents from the uni intranet and even sign up for assignments quicker than everyone else using pen and paper! Trust me, there are advantages to using a laptop in uni, you just need to have one to notice them. 

Now for the immortal question - what's in your bag?

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  1. I get so happy when I read posts like this where people actually carry around necessities! I literally lug around everything as I hate to be caught out, so I don't understand when people just carry purse, keys & phone! Haha

    Those gloves are to die for, it's probably a good thing that I don't know where you live as I'd be round in a flash to steal them from you! ;)

    Lola xx

  2. Cool post, I love the wallet it’s really cool. I like the Gloves and makeup bag are hot too ;)I this will do a post like this I have never done one it seems really cool maybe you can take a look since you shared what in yours ;)


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