Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Zombie Christmas

As much as I try to deny it, it's Christmas and I have to accept that. I've pulled out my gloves and dusted off my scarves, spent what felt like hours waiting for the bus in the freezing cold, but university is now over for 2012. I go back in mid-January but this Christmas I've vowed to make use of the time off, reading up on my modules for next semester and getting some preliminary reading in, the last thing I want is a repeat of this past fortnight's hectic last-minute essay writing!

As for the festivities, the last thing a zombie wants to be celebrating is Christmas. It's all too optimistic, shiny, glittery, too mortal. But the Zombie parents don't seem to share that same view, and as such I'm sitting in my living room (ironic for a zombie... a living room) feeling oppressed by the garlands literally hanging over my head. I've seen all the blogs I read and their Christmas-related posts showing off their decorations, so here's the Zombie household's offering. I say that because I have played absolutely no part in this.

 One of our oldest decorations, this reindeer candle holder perks up the room with his optimism... goddamnit.

 One of the new Yankee Candle votives this year, yet to use it because the packaging's too pretty. Little fact about the Zombie household - we have a collection of Yankee stickers, and they all still smell like the samplers they were attached to, my favourite's probably Pink Dragonfruit!

 We had an excess of crystal tree decorations so we hung them on a candle holder that's already dripping with crystals... isn't all this sparkliness making you sick?

Apparently we need to be reminded that soon it will snow just as this canvas depicts, and soon we shall be freezing our zombie asses off and complaining about the snow. But apparently it's fine to celebrate it in pictorial representations and poorly draped tinsel.

See what I meant about the garlands? I think Mummy Zombie didn't think this through - it looks like something from the Twilight Zone...

The tree was a bit pathetic, I'll admit. We got a cheaper 3 foot one from Asda and it's about as dense as a sapling. No shape whatsoever and the branches are too stiff to rearrange. It came with a string of LED lights already attached but they were crooked and the weakest bulbs I've ever seen, so I was sent begrudgingly down toe Robert Dyas to grab more. Painful experience, I'll tell you that.

I'll admit the tree looks pretty up close, but I can't help thinking I'd do a better job hurling cotton wool balls at things instead of paying for someone else to do it.

To cheer up the tree, I threw on some candy canes. Now it's complete with edible goodness. Anything Christmassy that's edible is acceptable to me.

And there you have it, the Zombie Christmas is complete. This year I'll be spending Christmas Day with my parents as it's the first time in about 5 years my dad won't be working on the day! As for the Christmas holidays so far, I've spent each day colouring. Yeah, colouring. Believe me, once you've got your hands on an advanced colouring page, you'll spend hours finishing it down to the last detail because it's addictive.

I definitely went for some festive colouring pages, didn't I?

How have your Christmas holidays been so far?

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  1. I love the garlands! One of my goals in my 101 things in 1001 days is to complete a colouing book but I don't have one :') x


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