Sunday, 9 December 2012

Instaweek #15

Pyjamas, Krispy Kremes and Cookie Dough - you'd never guess all I have had time to photograph this week was food!

I've been periodically taking part in the DSFashionChallenge on Instagram, but admittedly I've not made an effort because I've been sat at home in my pyjamas writing essays all the time. Sorry! :(

However, one thing I've found the time to take photographs of - my advent calendar. I set up a hashtag #zombieadvent so I could take photos of the things I get in my advent calendar every day, all the naff chocolates that don't resemble what they're supposed to resemble! Join me @statickmagick if you're into that kind of inane rubbish ;)

It's been a tough week, I'll give it that. I've finally finished all my essays for this semester at uni, and I've just got to sit back and wait for the results. I've got RSI in my wrist from all the typing. Of course, our lecturers still expect us to turn up to lectures this week when we won't be learning anything, but I can't complain at having something to do for another week, offsetting the Christmas boredom.

I'm really not feeling Christmas this year. Maybe it's because I've been spending money all year, buying things for people and I don't have much left to buy anyone. I'm more preoccupied buying myself things, because I just seem to be running out of things so fast, makeup doesn't seem to be lasting me as long as it used to, I'm convinced a tube of Collection 2000 concealer lasted me a grand total of 3 weeks.

In the past week I've been thinking more about changing from Blogger to Tumblr, but the fear of losing readers and the customisability of Blogger is delaying me. I'd love to know if any of you use Tumblr for your blogs instead, whether you've moved over to the Dark Side from this 'ere Blogger, how you found the transferral process etc. I'm just generally curious!

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  1. I'm so jealous that you've finished all of your essays! I've nearly finished one of mine, then I have one for my Shakespeare module which I think I will actually be enjoyable to write! I'm just glad that I have coursework instead of exams...

    I made a Tumblr once but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use it, haha!


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