Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 - A Zombie New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic night last night, and if you're feeling like a bear with a sore head, then my sympathies are with you, even if I didn't personally touch a drop. That's the problem with living out in the sticks, there's no way of getting home after a rough night out, so I resort to sitting at home watching the soaps! But I did make the effort to do my makeup today, that's good enough for me.

It’s safe to say 2012 wasn’t the greatest year for me. My life is completely unrecognisable from this time last year. But for once in my life I’m not going to be pessimistic and assume 2013 will follow suit, I’m going to take the lessons from this year and make sure they stick in my noddle! So the lessons I’ve learnt in 2012 have shaped my 2013 New Years Resolutions...

1. Value friends.
In 2012, you put your relationship at the fore and neglected your friends, and when said relationship broke down, you had no friends left, you were stranded. This time, keep a hold of the friends you've made this year at university, get out there and meet more, and value everyone who takes the time to get to know you.

2. Never look back in anger.
What's happened has happened for a reason. Don't look back or blame other people, or yourself for that matter, just accept it and move on.

3. Wear more lipstick.
If you suit red lipstick, bloody well wear it.

4. Listen to more music.
Don't stick yourself in the same rut you've been in all year. Get out there and experience different music. When music means so much to you, you owe it to yourself.

5. Save up.
You won't be going to China next year if you don't start putting money aside.

6. Be more confident.
You really need to stop looking in the mirror disliking what you see looking back at you. You're stuck with that face, so learn to like it.

7. Do 12 things I've never done before.
It doesn't have to be one each month, it can be two a month etc, but try something new and see what life's like outside your comfort zone.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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  1. That eye look is amazing! What did you use? And great resolutions, I think they are things we could all work on, I wish you luck on each and every one of them! x

    1. Thanks hun! In that case, the problem is I probably won't achieve them because most of us are guilty of them! I'll have a post up ASAP on the eye look, hopefully sometime tonight, it's so easy to do! X

  2. I love the eye makeup what products did you use? x

    1. Thanks lovely! I'll have a post up ASAP with the products, it's dead simple actually! X


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