Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lush Imogen Rose Solid Perfume - Review

Lush Imogen Rose Gorilla Solid Perfume - £10

I was quite taken aback by the price of this, I assumed I was buying a £5 solid perfume as advertised but because I was a Lush newbie, I wasn't aware Imogen Rose was twice the price, and I now feel a little stupid and guilty for buying it, especially when I was deciding between this and Lust, which unbeknownst to me would've saved me a fiver. Anyway, it's here now, nothing I can do about it! The scent is a gorgeous rose that just skims the overpowering line, it definitely scents the room beautifully when I apply it (or in my case, the bus to uni, I did hear an older man cough and I instantly felt guilty, but the damage had been done), and it leaves a lovely little rosy tint on the wrists when applied.

Love At First Bite - At first I was worried the push-up element of the perfume would mean a mushy mess in the lid if I accidentally pushed it too far (remember the mess you'd get into when you pushed a Pritt Stick too far and it wouldn't go back down? That wrecked my childhood, I was constantly peeling glue off my hands), but this wasn't the case. Applying it to one wrist at first, it's not as easy to rub between my wrists as I anticipated, so I have to apply it to both separately and dry them off by running them together. The scent when they're freshly applied is a bit too strong for me personally, but after five minutes it mellows and smells lovely and just like that scent when you wander past a rose bush. It was a good three hours before I felt the need to reapply, as I somehow thought my wrist-sniffing wasn't justified unless the perfume had left a significant amount of scent.

The Second Coming - This time I put some under my ears for the full waft effect when I gave someone a hug at uni. Apparently it worked! I got a few compliments so it's a thumbs up from them. I accidentally pushed the product up too far while applying on the bus, and it did mush a little as I replaced the lid, but I'm sure that's because I'd heated it up a tad in my hands and no fault of the product itself.

Third Tomb Lucky - There wasn't much to change for this trial, but it's safe to say I love the scent, and it lasts for a good four hours before I feel the need to reapply - what more could I ask for?

If Imogen Rose was £5 like the rest of the range, I'd definitely repurchase, but as that's not the case at the moment, I'll definitely be purchasing something else from the solid perfume range, I really want to try out Karma!

Have you tried any Lush solid perfumes?

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  1. This sounds really nice! I need something small that I can fit in my handbag (I finally used up all the mini perfume samples that I save!) so I might have to look at these!


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