Monday, 4 February 2013

50 Facts About Me...

Looks like the zombie's a bit slow on the chasing of this particular bandwagon, I've seen a surge of '50 facts about me' posts lately and while I can't quite figure out why, I'm hopping on the bandwagon riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now!

1. I have a dent in the top of my ear. God knows why. My dad has it too so I blame him, but as he's Egyptian, as a family we claim it's because he was bitten by a scarab beetle. All aboard the good ship stereotype!
2. I hate the phrase 'hoi polloi'. It grates on me like nobody's business.
3. I was born in Wales but left when I was 5. I have no Welsh accent, sorry to disappoint, but I do know the longest Welsh place name.
4. I grew up playing Tomb Raider and Spyro the Dragon. I still have flashbacks of places in Egypt as if I'd been there myself, but in fact all I'd done there was shoot an innocent defenceless scorpion in game.

5. At least 5 times a day, I read the Mail Online, even when I disagree with every single thing the journalists say.
6. In my early teens I read a book where the character met a Johnny Depp lookalike in a lift, and I wrote a note to my parents explaining why I was so upset, because I was that jealous.
7. The only celebrities I've met are Chris Packham and Gary Rhodes. Can't touch this.

8. In college, I crushed up a Polo and snorted it. No. Idea. Why.

9. One day when my parents took me to the beach as a kid, I was too eager to get to the sea, I took a shortcut down a steep hill. I fell forwards and cracked my head, walked around at an angle for the entire day but no physical damage was done. Mental damage, however...
10. I had chicken pox aged 11. On Christmas Day. Worst Christmas ever.
11. Besides those chicken pox scars, the only scar I have is from a papercut.
12. I slipped a disk in my spine from rigorous gym exercise as a teenager. Needless to say, I haven't been to a gym since.
13. I don't eat in front of people as a rule. My family, yes, but anyone else, no.
14. I can't throw or catch anything. So please, if you're across the room from me and want to pass me a pen, for the love of god don't throw it, I get injured.
15. My middle name is the name of the hymn that they sang on the Titanic, with the words 'for those in peril on the sea', it's clear it works like a charm...
16. More often than not, I finish games of Solitaire in a minute.
17. It's a cliche, but music really is my life.
18. 70s and 80s music are my weakness. I'm seeing Pet Shop Boys the day after my birthday this year, and I can't contain my excitement, I've waited all my life to see them.

19. I love really deep and thoughtful movies. Lost In Translation and Rain Man being my favourites.

20. Give me nachos and I'll love you forever. Seriously. But don't put anything but cheese on them.

21. Apparently when I was a baby, I would jig around in my buggy whenever I heard Pump Up The Jam and say 'pump, pump'...
22. I'm doing a History degree but my real passion is English literature.
23. My favourite book is Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.
24. Whatever you do, keep me away from mushrooms and peas. I get angry with peas because if I need to chase a food round the plate, it's not worth eating, and mushrooms have the weirdest texture.
25. I'm a little bit morbid to say the least. I talk about death like it's perfectly natural, my favourite places are graveyards (I walk through one every day) and I have my funeral already planned in my head.
26. The majority of my family have worked in the police, yet I have an innate fear of police officers.
27. I'm so squeamish I can't even watch Holby City.
28. I once stepped on a curved sewing needle and it went through my foot and out the other side.

29. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, it'd be Las Vegas.

30. But as it turns out, I'm at home watching Marie Antoinette.
31. My obsessions with Chairman Mao and Gangnam Style produced this.

32. I loved My Chemical Romance riiiiight up to the Danger Days album. Never forgiving them for that.
33. If I could live in a TV show, it'd be Life On Mars.

34. Spider-Man >

35. On that note, I hate Christmas. It's all too optimistic and bright for me. Blergh. Excuse me while I choke myself with tinsel.
36. Two weeks ago I quit my lifelong addiction to fizzy drinks.
37. When I leave university, I want to teach English at sixth form/college level.
38. This will be my first Valentine's Day alone.
39. The first two things I look for in a man are a sense of humour and a passion for music.
40. I've always been with men who are much better looking than me, so it's not as if looks aren't a factor for me, but if they've got an ego on them, I don't give them a second of my time.
41. I hate my first name. No, that's an understatement. I detest my first name with a passion akin to the fires of hell.
42. If I could swap bodies with any woman in the world, it'd be Dita Von Teese.
43. My love for Ryan Dunn will never fade.

44. I'm very much a dog person.
45. If I had £1 million, the first thing I'd do is get my teeth professionally whitened.
46. As a child, I wanted to grow up to be either a teacher or a web designer.
47. I can still remember enough HTML to write the code for a web page. I just can't be bothered to.
48. I have size 5 feet. Which would probably explain my inability to stand up straight for two minutes without toppling over.
49. I'm absolutely in love with modern Chinese history.
50. I had no idea I'd be able to find 50 facts about me!

Well that's all, folks! Please please PLEASE let me know if you do this tag too, I'd  love to read your random facts too!

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  1. You should come live near me, I have never heard anyone say 'hoi poillo' what does it even mean? x

    1. Haha lucky you! It's just a term for upper class people, like 'toff' or 'snob', drives hell into me because here in the South we're surrounded by upper classes and I always hear it! xx

  2. "hoi polloi"? if it was in Bruneian dialect, pronouncing "polloi" is actually a swear word, but the spelling is actually "palui". And I'm not sure why I'm telling you a swear word from my language. Sorry lol.

    1. :O No way! It feels like a swear word in English anyway, it's just a term for upper class people, drives me insane! xx

  3. Love these posties. Weirdly, I have a degree in English Lit but I'm getting really into history at the moment. That thing about the Polo made me laugh. And really want Polos.
    My effort at this is here: xx

  4. I don't eat in front of anyone except family as a rule either. I loved the polo thing, and the beach story - sounds like something I'd have done as a kid xD


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