Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer - Big Bang and Apocaliptic

The Zombie Apocalips has landed! I'm sure you're well and truly sick of all these posts but I'm afraid here's one more.

I've recently fallen in love with vibrant lip colours, so my first instinct was to choose the shades Big Bang and Apocaliptic, a bright scarlet and a hot pink respectively. I also wanted Nude Eclipse as I actually have no nude lip products (shock horror!) but alas, it was out of stock. The lady in Boots was surprised how fast they've flown out of the window, I, however, was not. Judging by the immense rave reviews in the blogosphere, these lip lacquers are going to be around for a long time.

The one design flaw I've already noticed is that there's no way to identify the name of the shades once you've taken off the sticker, as I already have because I'm obsessive about removing stickers from products!
However, that aside, I love the shape of the packaging, the lids are shaped much like faceted space rocks and while I usually get quite obsessive about symmetry, they look great asymmetrical.

I especially love the doe foot applicator on these, with a little dip in the middle to make sure enough product comes out without needing to double dip. 

The shades are perfectly opaque with one swipe, which does make it a little harder to apply quickly, and they're definitely not shades you could apply without a mirror!

Top - Big Bang
Bottom - Apocaliptic

Unlike my other reviews, this is based on one use because I'm utterly convinced of how good these are.
I applied Big Bang on top of the MUA lip liner in Red Drama just as I left for university, blotted about 3 times and I still found quite an amount of product had migrated onto my teeth, but I persevered and spent the entire journey to uni checking my teeth. Once I'd got to uni, the product dried to a matte finish and I had no concerns about my teeth. 3 hours later, I checked a mirror and reapplied slightly as the centre of my lips had only slightly faded, but the vibrant stain left behind was much less obvious than fading to my natural lip colour. By the time I got home to check in the mirror, my lips were still as perfect as they were when I left that morning. No bleeding, no feathering, the colour stayed put.
I've yet to give Apocaliptic more than a five minute lip swatch, but once again it applied like a dream and although it took a little longer to perfectly fill in my lips without colouring outside the lines (that was never my strong point as a child) it was well worth the finished product.

I can't wait to give these even more outings and I'll definitely be purchasing Nude Eclipse when it comes back in stock!
You can grab these for £5.99 in Boots for a limited time, and also they're on a 3 for 2 offer so my advice is jump on the bandwagon quick!

Has the Apocalips spread to your collection yet? What shades are you lusting after?

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  1. I bought Big Bang as well and I love it x

    1. Guh it's gorgeous isn't it?! Definitely my favourite :D xx

  2. I went searching for these in Boots on Wednesday and they only had the Nude Eclipse one left! I really wanted Big Bang I'm so picky when it comes to reds that I'm not totally sure if it would suit me or not.

    1. Honestly it's a beautiful red, just like Mac's Russian Red apparently! I'm jealous, I can't find Nude Eclipse anywhere! xx

  3. Replies
    1. :O High five! Too cool for natural lip school ;) xx

  4. this is going to sound really silly but are they a lip gloss or lipstick?! i've been looking at the red but i don't want a shiny finish!

    1. Not silly at all, actually they start off applied like a gloss but they dry to matte after about 15/20 mins! xx


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