Saturday, 30 March 2013

I won a Love From Misbehave giveaway!

People always say 'I never win anything', so I'm not going to go that far, but the last time I won something was a sportsmanship award at my primary school judo club, and even then all I did was stand in front of my opponent and laugh. I clearly didn't take martial arts seriously.

Anyway, I finally won something, and this time it was a Twitter giveaway that I only entered on the off chance because I loved a couple of the items, so when I came out of a lecture last week to check my phone and see notifications that I'd won it, I did a little dance. In public. People saw. But who cares?

Love From Misbehave is one of those companies that you *have* to follow on Twitter, because Allie's tweets are quite hilarious, and bonus we share the same name and we live quite nearby! Some would say fate, others would say there are an awful lot of Ali/Allie's around.

Anyway, here's the 6 items that the giveaway contained, which Allie chose as her favourites from the store, and I'll list the prices so you can grab them too!

First up is the All Seeing Eye Necklace, which you can find on their website for £4. This little beauty is currently hanging up at my front door, warding off evil, but I can't see him being there for long because I want to wear him noooow! He also makes me insanely jealous that I don't have blue eyes. Grr. I especially love the extended chain on this, cross necklaces just look so much better when they're all dangly.

These beautiful black Cross Studs are currently on sale for £1.50 and come in 3 other colours, so what are you waiting for?!
The art deco Half Moon Studs for £3 are just my kind of thing!
It's a shame I don't have my ears pierced, because these beauts are just sitting around doing nothing, and that's not fair on them. I may well give them as presents or hoard them until I get my ears pierced. Hoarding sounds more like me.

Now I wouldn't have chosen collar tips off my own back, I wear shirts but I have a strange complex about my neck so I don't wear tight things that might choke me, but now I've given these a try, I quite like them. Am I the only one that's reminded of Frodo's brooch in Lord Of The Rings?
See? I'm not going mad :)

I can tell this is going to get excessive use over the summer. Such a vibrant pink and so art deco, I could hug it. I have hugged it, actually.

Easily my favourite of them all, this bad boy will not be leaving my fingers. I've always loved double finger rings, they look and feel too badass for words. Look at the detailing on the skull, he's even got cracks everywhere!

Every single piece has been crafted so well and I'll be proudly wearing these for many many moons to come, so thanks again Love From Misbehave, and a very happy 6 months!

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  1. Yay well done lovely :))) gorgeous pieces, that Skull ring is sooooo nice! xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah it's purrrrrdy, hasn't left my fingers since! xx

  2. Congrats on winning the giveaway, you got some great bits! :) xo

  3. Congrats. Mega lust for that ring :)

    1. Guh same here! Admittedly the wings do stab my ickle knuckles a bit but no pain no gain eh? x


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