Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lush Gorilla Perfume in Lust - Review

Lush Gorilla Perfume in Lust - £5

After the roaring success of Imogen Rose, I knew I'd be grabbing a new solid perfume the next time I waltzed into Lush. I was bowled over by Lust when I last went in, the gorgeous lingering jasmine scent that feels so fresh and awakening, I knew it had to be mine. For a start, I was just pleased it was £5 as I had unwittingly spent more on Imogen Rose, but £5 for a product that lasts and lasts, not bad at all.

I love how diddy the packaging is, it's not too small that you feel short-changed for £5, but it's perfect for slotting into my makeup bag and so small that I don't have to act like James Bond while trying to touch up my perfume on the bus without someone noticing where on earth the heavenly scent is emitting from. Is it just me that has an aversion to using sprays on buses? It seems nobody else gives a flying monkeys, but I just feel like I'm polluting the entire bus, and that's unfair. I'd rather pong than choke everyone with the latest Impulse fragrance.

When I got this perfume home and tried to take a photo of it, disaster occurred. You see these blissfully ignorant photos of a solid perfume half pushed out of its tube? Yeah, if you ever buy one of these, don't do that. Worst. Mistake. About a minute after these photos were taken, I tried to push it back gently into the tube, and by all means my finger went back into the tube, but the product didn't follow it. The solid perfume turned into mush and just... mushed everywhere. I smelt bloody gorgeous for the entire day but that's not the point! I employed numerous tissues to clear the crime scene, but the jasmine-scented air in the room was enough evidence.

 Regardless of how much I bung it in the freezer, this 'solid' perfume is now just completely honey-like goo in the tube. Instead of touching the product, I'm finding myself just taking the lid off and rubbing the sides on my wrists, as there's no way in heck I'm touching the product again unless I'm in desperate need of a jasmine overload.

So a gorgeous perfume, yes, and a smell I would highly recommend you give a whiff next time you're in Lush, but please, whatever you do, heed my warning and don't push this up further in the tube than you need to...

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  1. This made me laugh, sounds exactly like something I'd do so I'm glad you warned us! This sounds like a lovely perfume, too :)

    Jesss xo


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