Monday, 25 March 2013

Playlist For The Week #2

Sorry this isn't posted on a Sunday as always, I was ridiculously busy yesterday! This week has flown by in a whirlwind of essay writing and helping out at open days, and of course the bad news which I blogged about on Saturday, but in case I'm overloading you with MCR grief, I'll only briefly mention them in this week's playlist.

Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual.
Yes, I did say last week that I'd tone down the cheese. But I've been watching Mars Attacks every time it's been on TV this week, so Tom Jones has been residing in my brain for the majority. I'm not even sorry.

Andrew WK - Got To Do It.
I can't quite explain why this appeared this week of all weeks, but I found the chorus dancing around my head when I was writing an essay, so for the sake of satisfying my clearly deprived mind, I kept it on loop throughout Tuesday and Wednesday.

Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves.
I've been having severe Download withdrawals lately because I know I'm not going this year and this saddens me greatly. However, I've kept my head high with Fallen Leaves, which reminds me of the drive home from last year's festival, I can remember driving through Derby to the tune of this as if it were yesterday.

Falling In Reverse - The Westerner.
Thanks go to Katie for reminding me how amazing this song is. It's one of those revenge tunes you can whip out whenever you're down and it gives you that empowered 'bitch please' mood. Works like magic, I'm telling you.

My Chemical Romance - The Light Behind Your Eyes.
For me, this song defines My Chem's entire career. The message that you should never let someone 'take the light behind your eyes' is insanely powerful in the light of their split. I could go on for ages about how much they've meant to me for the last decade, but that's all in my post from this weekend. No doubt I'll be writing another of those kinds of posts soon, but that's to be expected when a band such as MCR saved my life as a teenager, and to see that band disappear in front of my eyes through an uncharacteristically short blog post (and now a lengthy tweet from Gerard Way), I'm devastated to say the least.

What were you listening to last week?

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  1. ooh Billy Talent. I need to put my Billy Talent CDs back on, it's been a while. :) You have got Its Not Unusual stuck in my head now though =P

    1. Fuck yeaaah, Billy Talent always seem to sit in the background and when you're reminded of them it's like 'OHMYGOD BILLY TALENT I LOVE THEM'! Haha I aim to please, or at least the voice from the Valleys does ;)


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