Thursday, 14 March 2013

Toni And Guy Nourish Conditioning Mask - Review

My recent ignited interest in taking care of my terribly singed and chemically treated hair led me to grabbing the Toni And Guy Nourish Conditioning Mask on a Boots offer. Admittedly, I was sold on the simple fact it came in a box. Good things come in small boxes right? No, that's not the saying. Toni and Guy live in my mind as a high quality brand that charge as much as they're worth, so my hopes were set too damn high.

Compared with other hair masks I've seen, this is more of a solid buttery texture, which is quite difficult to distribute around my entire head of hair because it sticks together in lumps. I leave this on in the shower for a good 10 minutes before rinsing, and while it feels like it's all gone in that process, when my hair dries, it feels as if there's still product there and my hair clumps a little, but nothing dramatic enough to force me back into the shower to wash it again.

As for nourishing, well my hair certainly feels better than it did before I used this, but it's not as fantastic as John Frieda's deep conditioner. My hair's had a bit of a snack, but not enough to bloat it. Those of you with only slightly damaged hair will love this, it's a light conditioning feeling but just not enough to salvage my destroyed locks.

I've never tried anything from Toni and Guy before so this was a good place to start. I wouldn't say it was worth the £7.19 Boots price tag, but as I bought it on offer, I feel content that I didn't spend too much.

Have you tried this conditioning mask?

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  1. This, in my eyes, is too expensive for drug store :P x

  2. Awh that's such a shame it didn't work. I think I'll be staying away from that - especially at full price! My hair is pretty mangled and needs loads of repair (and probably a few inches chopped off =/)


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