Monday, 4 March 2013

What's On My iPhone?

It's been a while since I first wrote a What's On My iPhone post, and a fair bit has changed. This time around, I only have 1 gig of space on my phone to play around with. I have an 8GB iPhone 3GS which is really only 6GB (explain that genius marketing ploy, Apple... 2GB for software? Really?!) of which 4GB is very carefully selected music. And then 1GB is taken up by the infamous 'Other' section.
Before you say 'have you tried backing it up and deleting your Safari history?', yes, I have. My 'Other' has never been under 700MB. It's a hereditary disease.
Another change you'll notice is my lock screen. Gangnam Style reigns no longer, I'm afraid, but Gene Simmons from the app Icon Pop Quiz is here to stay. Gone too is my Glam Reaper home screen, in favour of the Jackass logo from the same app. It's a lot easier on the eye when I'm sat in the dark in bed, that's for sure.

Facebook - No matter how hard I try, I can't just split up with Facebook. It gives me puppy eyes whenever I try and tell it that it's just not working out. I'd say it's not Facebook, it's me, but that would be a lie. Facebook is just not my type. Facebook is too controlling and paranoid. Paranoid for the right reasons though, I'm cheating on it. With numerous social networks. Let's just hope it doesn't find out by reading my tweets.
Instagram - My love, my life, my Instagram. If I follow you on Instagram, you know I love you. I can't survive an hour without scrolling through my feed! I often take photos of anything that interests me even if it's deathly dull to anyone else, mainly DVD menus that I find pretty damn epic. Interesting fact #1 - I'm followed by Bert McCracken from The Used (my future husband), Dez Fafara from DevilDriver and Dez's wife Anahstasia, the two most genuine people you'll ever meet, DevilDriver have been a huge source of support and amazing music during the past few years. If you have Instagram, I want to follow you, so drop your username in the comments and come see me at @statickmagick!
Twitter - I don't use Twitter as often as I'd like, but I follow so many people that if something important was ever tweeted, I'd miss it in the sea of giveaway spam. That being said, I love the #bbloggers chats on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8pm, and being able to communicate with all you gorgeous bloggers keeps me sane! Come join me in my rants and Alice Cooper fangirling at @statickmagick!
Blogger - I only ever use this to set up a draft post so I can edit it later on my laptop, it's not by any means useful for anything else. It doesn't comprehend post signatures, placing photos in the middle of a post and it definitely doesn't comprehend displaying my blog stats, so it's a semi-useless app. I read my blog feeds in Safari otherwise.
YouTube - Since YouTube became an installable app with the dawn of iOS 6, this hasn't left my phone. I don't have a huge amount of broadband allowance at home, but I have unlimited access between midnight and 8am (Plusnet is a confusing broadband provider, but I'm not complaining) so this gets more use after the witching hour. My most watched YouTuber? Bunny of Grav3yardgirl, hands down.

Sol Free - Solitaire is my addiction. When I need a dose of sanity, Solitaire is there for me.
Fart Jump - Okay, this is immature, but then again I'm immature to the core anyway. If you haven't seen it before, it's just like Doodle Jump but with the Jackass director Jeff Tremaine's face instead. I love Jeff Tremaine. I also love making Jeff Tremaine fall from a great height. </sadist>
PumpkinExplode - It's Halloween every day on my iPhone. This is beyond addictive, and I've even got my dad hooked. All you do is tap a big group of matching coloured pumpkins. Small things, small mind.
My O2 - O2 iPhone customers like me can't really live without this app, it tells me how many texts I've used, but then again I have 500 free texts a month so I do need to keep a watchful eye on the meter.

InFrameCut - The easiest app I've found to make framed photos for Instagram. All my EOTDs are made using this. Select the shape and size of the frames you want, round off the corners, adjust the size of the photos in the frame - it's perfect.
Gorillacam - I recently found a tripod in our house, so I've been using this to get the perfect shot for blog photos. This is great for getting dead-straight, focused photos and even has a self timer, which I'm forever using when my phone doesn't like focusing something quick enough.
Project365 - I have to thank Tilly's photo app post for this beauty, I started taking a photo every day on February 18th and haven't missed a day since!
Bus timetable bookmark - Because I have a shite memory when it comes to timetables. Hell, I have a shite memory anyway. So sue me.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Oh. My. GOD. I'm absolutely hooked on this, and that's fair to say given I've been playing it since way before Halloween. Level 26 and proud! I'm always in need of new neighbours so if you have this, come and join me, my username's diagonali.
Tumblr - I don't use Tumblr half as much as I should. I'm always in stitches whenever I scroll through! As with Twitter, I follow so many amazing people, I never see anything from beauty bloggers, so I created zombiesweareyeliner for blog-related awesomeness. It's so awesome it only has one post so far. Told you it was awesome.
Plants Vs Zombies - Thank god this was free on the App Store recently, I'd spent too long debating on spending the 69p on it but just couldn't justify it! I'm not good at this though. Not good at all.
Bubble Witch Saga - I will warn you now, if you get this app, you'll be stuck on it for a long time to come. I'm stuck on level 35 and yet I'm still playing it religiously every day, so much that my family can't get any sense out of me when I'm glued to this.

RealBokeh - Admittedly I haven't given this a good enough trial yet, but I love how you can change the shape of your bokeh and where you put them on your photos.
Typic - Again, a huge thanks to Tilly's photo app post for this. Blogging will become so much easier with this photo text app, that is, when I have the spare time to use it.
Candle - I blame my mum entirely for this one. She loves candles, our house is often filled with new Yankee Candle scents (my favourite's Black Coconut, if you cared) and when she runs out of candles (if ever), she wants a virtual one. This development appeared last night watching Room 101 (where Sheila Hancock wanted to put scented candles in Room 101, and Frank Skinner showed off a virtual candle) and my phone spent the night in her hands as she stared longingly at the flame. Closet pyromaniac doesn't quite cover it.

It's plain to see I'm not an organised person with my iPhone, because apps are so often removed and installed, plus I like to have instant access to apps instead of having to think about which folder they're in. I wrote a post last year about my favourite photo editing apps, so if that's what you're interested in, then feel free to click through for a read. I'll also be doing a post soon of my 25 most played songs on my iPhone over on my music blog Zombies Wear Band Shirts, so if you're interested, keep an eye out!
I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new apps, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

What's your favourite app?

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  1. I'm currently trying to split up with Facebook too but it's the only way I remember birthdays!

    I feel like such a technophobe compared with you! It took me a whole week to figure out how to even download apps on my phone...

    1. Haha really? I can't trust Facebook birthdays anymore, too many of my friends get fraped and I fall for it, saying happy birthday to them when their birthday was last month XD Ah don't worry I was exactly the same when I first got mine, I was ridiculously late onto the iPhone bandwagon (which is why I still have a 3GS when everyone else has 4/4S!) and it took me days to get the hang of the Facebook app... I probably still don't understand it now! xxx


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