Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A-Z Of The Zombie Music Library - A

As I mentioned in my previous post, for the next 26 Tuesdays, I'll be giving you a little insight into my music library, what bands appear under every letter of the alphabet, and which of their tracks are my favourites. Of course, I don't have a band for every single letter of the alphabet just yet, but as the weeks go by, I intend on filling the gaps by finding a new band, say under the letter Z, and I'll let you know what I've discovered about them in the process.

The first week, of course, is letter A. What bands begin with A in my music library? Without further ado, here goes...

The Academy Is...
Let's not be pedantic about the 'the' in the title, shall we? The Academy Is... were the first emo-style band I discovered as a teenager, and my favourite song remains to this day - Skeptics And True Believers. Although I never really ventured into their material beyond the Almost Here album, I was quite gutted to hear they'd split, as I suppose we're all a little heartbroken when the bands who transformed us in our teenage years go their separate ways.

Call me all the names under the sun, I'm not a massive ACDC fan. I'm afraid Angus Young's school uniform always put me off, I just can't take anyone seriously when he's wearing that.
As for my favourite track, however, I've loved Highway To Hell ever since I properly discovered ACDC through the movie Little Nicky.

Ah my beautiful boys who are making their comeback this September! AFI were a gigantic part of my teenage development, and Miss Murder became my anthem to 2006. And got me a little too attracted to Davey Havok. I forgot how good this video was!

I'm so so glad I got to see these guys live back in the Nightmare Anatomy era, wiL Francis is one of those unstoppable artists that we'll probably still see for many many years to come, he takes his music so seriously and it shows with Die Romantic, the one song I wouldn't have lived without as a teenager, it gave me so much strength I didn't have before.

Admittedly, I've not given these guys enough of a chance, but Congratulations, I Hate You is the kind of track I live my life by.

Alice Cooper
This is the big one! If you've seen me on Twitter, you'll know Alice Cooper is my idol, my inspiration, and most importantly, my identical twin. Problem is, I can't remember how exactly I got into his music, I just remember buying his CDs in my early teens and every one of my friends looking at me like I'd lost a marble or five. I can't describe what Alice brings to my life, this kind of confidence in how I look, listening to his music is my way of venting any degree of anger and I'm left feeling empowered yet calmer. Choosing a favourite track was a difficult task to say the least, but Hey Stoopid always appealed to me as a kid. And yes, it took me until last year to realise that the other voice singing with him was my other idol Ozzy Osbourne. I put that ignorance down to never actually expecting Ozzy and Alice to have worked together. But now I know, my life is complete.

Alkaline Trio
Anyone else who grew up on the Tony Hawks games for the PlayStation will know Alkaline Trio as if they're their best friends. Armageddon was the perfect soundtrack to aimlessly skating around and causing a video game character numerous irreparable injuries.

All Time Low
I maybe should've spent more time listening to this band, but I will soon, I'll do it For Baltimore.

Andrew WK
I've turned down so many opportunities to see this man live and I'm still kicking myself for it. While there's so many favourites to choose from, I can't dislike a single track Andrew WK makes, but the one that makes me want to party hardest is Totally Stupid, now there's actually a good reason behind this. Back when Ryan Dunn passed away, I needed some comfort in fan-made YouTube tributes to the Jackass movies, and I stumbled across this montage set to the tune of Totally Stupid, and in light of Ryan's passing, I cried watching it. 

In a similar vein to ACDC, I wasn't greatly keen on Anthrax when I first heard them, but as you come to appreciate the eras their music has lived through, you begin to understand their style, and The Devil You Know is a good example of just how well their music can adapt into today's metal atmosphere. I'm quite gutted I missed these guys at Download 2012 now.

Asking Alexandria
I'm sure regular Kerrang! readers will be screaming at the mere mention of these guys, but their best track has to be The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) in my eyes.

So that was chock full of A bands! So if you were stuck for what to listen to on this (somehow sunny) Tuesday evening, I hope this post has given you something to keep you occupied!

What's your favourite band beginning with A?

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  1. I love Alice in Chains and Audioslave :)

    1. I'm missing out on something with Alice In Chains aren't I? Damnit, I need to look them up now then!

  2. I love Aiden, one of my favourites. So happy to see AFI coming back, I saw them live back when DecemberUnderground was released and they were epic

    1. :o Jealous! I'm super happy to see them back, I've missed Davey a little too much :P

  3. also http://ohtofeelpretty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/versatile-blogger-award.html =P

    1. Ooh thank you lovely, I'll do that ASAP!

  4. I love Alice Cooper and Anthrax. I've seen Anthrax twice but sadly never Alice Cooper! :( My favourite bands beginning with A are probably After Forever, Alice in Chains and Amon Amarth. :)

    1. Guh me neither, we need to get around to seeing Alice sometime, hopefully he'll be back this Halloween though! Damnit I really am missing something with Alice In Chains, Googling them ASAP!

  5. Alkaline Trio and Avenged Sevenfold <3 xoxox

    1. Aaah Avenged, you know those bands that you wish you could still like but you can't help associating with an ex? Yeah :/ xx


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