Monday, 22 April 2013

Topshop Lips in Depth - Review and Swatch

I don't have a Topshop with a beauty stand anywhere near me, so when I found myself near one, I had to grab the first thing that caught my eye, and that's how Depth fell into my hands. I'd previously been a bit put off by the price tag, £8 for a non-luxury brand lipstick? The hype led me to believe that it was more than worth it, so I delved into Depth, a deep purple shade that I'd never had the confidence to try before. 

The hype was right.

The swatch says it all - a gorgeous purple in one swipe, and it turns ultra vampy with a few swipes. I will say the colour is quite inconsistent, so if you don't have a lip liner underneath, regardless of the condition of your lips, it applies patchy. I use MUA's lip liner in Brooding Plum underneath, even though it doesn't match the purple of Depth, it creates a perfect base and saves me spending more money on a matching liner!

As this was my first experience of dark lipsticks, I was expecting a perfectly opaque colour, which I didn't get from Depth. By the time you've layered it up to get an opaque finish, it feels really cakey and quite uncomfortable.

As for reapplication, I felt I had to reapply at least every 2 hours. This colour is so easily annihilated by eating and drinking, but that's to be expected from such a dark, rich colour.

Sorry for the awful quality photo, this was taken the evening after wearing the lipstick and reapplying it numerous times throughout the day.

But for a gorgeous colour like this, I'm happy to put up with the cakeyness. As for Topshop lipsticks as a whole, I can't judge on only one lipstick, but I do feel as if they should be a little cheaper than £8, because I'm still using a lipliner underneath and an awful lot of product just to get an opaque appearance.

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick?

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  1. I love vampy lips, I'm gonna have to get this D:

  2. Wow what a colour! It looks amazing on you. Shame it needed so much reapplication, but like you said.. it's such a dark colour, which is understandable xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Such a lovely colour! It's definitely up my street but £8 does seem a lot for something from Topshop!

  4. Oooh stunning colour. Kinda pricey though :(

  5. You might like a Sleek lippie in the shade "Mulberry" if you like this!

  6. THAT IS AWESOME!!! What a gorgeous colour!!

  7. Oh my God it looks great on you! I love TopShop make up. I;ve tried lip liners, mascaras and nail polishes and I need to get my mitts on a lipstick. Like you though, £8 is a tad pricey. :( x


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