Friday, 24 May 2013

MUA Immaculate Collection Palette

If you read that as 'Immaculate Conception', I wouldn't blame you, I do it myself often enough!
This post has been a long time in the making, as I've not had much drive to change my eyeshadow lately, I fell back into the 'neutral shadow' rut again, but it's thanks to this palette that I've re-emerged victorious!
As my first 24 shade palette, my largest palette yet, I was skeptical I'd be using it as much, it's not exactly portable and there are a few colours I wouldn't use. But when I left all my other makeup palettes in the room where my mum was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her, I discovered how useful this palette was.

Consider this the Greatest Hits of MUA so far. This includes some of the most popular shades from palettes such as Dusk Til Dawn, Poptastic and Glamour Days.
My favourite thing about this palette is the final shade in the bottom corner - the gorgeous purple-blue from Poptastic that I hit pan on months ago and have been mourning the loss of ever since! I was dreading buying another palette just to have the purple shade back, so I'm chuffed I finally discovered it was in my stash all along!

From glitzy shimmer shades that complement any evening look to those pale mattes that wouldn't look out of place in the workplace, this palette is beyond versatile. I sometimes use the bright white shade as a light brow and cheek highlighter, and I even use the matte black on my brows. If you're as indecisive as I am when it comes to eyeshadow, keep this beside your mirror of a morning and you'll never have to leave your seat to find another palette.

I can't praise MUA eyeshadows highly enough - they come in a fantastic spectrum of matte and pearl shades, they blend beautifully, and best of all, I never have any issues with fallout, and with MUA's Professional Eye Primer, they last ALL DAY. I've never experienced any creasing, fading or general wear when I use a primer and a cream eyeshadow underneath.

Shade 14 and 24 blend together beautifully, as you'll see in my EOTD here.

Usually you'll find this palette priced at £8 but MUA are good with their online offers, so keep an eye out if you're looking to grab a bargain.

Have you tried the Immaculate Palette yet?

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  1. I always see it in superdrug i need to pick it up!

    1. Well it's definitely worth the money, so many different shades in one palette will come in useful one day! x

  2. I have the Heaven and Earth palette and I've hit the pan on almost all of the shades now! I think I'm gonna purchase the Immaculate Palette instead now though, the colour range looks fantastic and I need to get out of my neutral eye rut too :')

    Love, Hails x |

    1. Wow that's dedication, I don't think I've used Heaven And Earth half as much as the Undressed but like you said, neutral eye ruts are a devil to get out of! x

  3. I've hardly seen this palette so its makes a nice change from the more popular ones, I do like the fact its got all the goodun' from the other palattes in! Lovely eye look created too.

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Yeah it's a great little Greatest Hits, so useful when you can't be bothered to lug around a number of palettes you use just one colour out of! x


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