Friday, 14 June 2013

OPI Moonraker

When OPI had their huge 10% off sale in preparation for summer, I lunged for the Skyfall collection after lusting after every shade since they were released last year. I tried so hard to make sure my choices weren't swayed by my favourite Bond movies, but Moonraker's one of my favourites of the franchise, and luckily its corresponding shade was my favourite too. The only nail polish I've ever run out of was a beautiful matte metallic silver, I used it religiously and repainted them every single day. Moonraker has a nice hint of blue to it, so it's not a flat silver but more space-age, hence the title. Imagine a space rocket in this shade and you'll be right on the money, however coincidentally it looks similar to the same shine you'll find on Jaws' teeth, who also starred in Moonraker.

While the colour is beautiful, the finish is not. It applies opaque in one coat but don't let that fool you - this needs two, probably three coats to even last the day. I've never had a polish that fades within hours of applying, a £3 Barry M equivalent lasts days longer than this.
To demonstrate, here's what it looked like after 4 days (excuse the auto-rotated photo, Blogger's being a pain):

See what I mean? Of course, that's without a top coat, because I wanted to demonstrate its longevity alone, but I'll tell you now, it only lasts a day with a top coat.

I'm really disappointed with the quality despite the gorgeous shade, and frankly I'm just glad I only picked it up in the sale, I'd have been gutted at full price.

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  1. If you are looking for a decent affordable metallic silver, I suggest Stargazer's Chrome range. They aren't the most amazing longwear things out there but they don't fade, and with a topcoat chipping is staved off for a day or two. Oh, and they cost £3.


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