Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Style Icon - Kelly Osbourne

If I could be Kelly Osbourne, I'd be the happiest girl alive. It's no secret, I'm obsessed with the Osbournes, and I've girl-crushed on Kelly ever since that reality show.
Her style is effortless, and she's just what us alternative girls need in the press to remind the world that sometimes, the old fashions are the best.

She's taken a lot of her style from her father, obviously - Ozzy's crucifixes aren't far from her outfits, and her mother Sharon's fantastic sense of complimentary shapes for the more curvy girl are always eminent in Kelly's style.

But nevermind her parents, Kelly has come into her own ever since The Osbournes. From the edgy punk blazers through her teens to the grown-up dresses now, Kelly is always a stunner on the red carpet, and I look up to her above anyone.

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  1. I love Kelly's style! I'm sort of 'part time alternative' and she's always one of my go to sources of inspiration for when I want to wear something edgy :D


  2. I love Kelly's tule! She's totally come into her own now, and I've lusted after her hair colour since she dyed it lilac! xx

  3. Kelly does have some awesome style, especially in recent years


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