Friday, 2 August 2013

How the Zombie Goes Black

It's no secret - I'm not a natural blackhead. Sorry, there's no other nice term for a someone with black hair is there? There's blonde, brunette, redhead, blackhead...
But just how do I do it?

I've been colouring my hair since I was 11, so I'm no newbie to the process, which is why I use this dye above all others. I've used every brand of permanent dye out there, Schwartzkopf, L'oreal, Clairol, you name it, but this is the only temporary I'll use

The Boots own brand non-permanent Ebony Black dye does the job for me, and at£3.05, it's worth every penny. A few years ago I realised black was the way forward, so I had to reduce the damage I was doing to my hair somehow. My blonde roots come through thick and fast, so a combination of semi-permanent dye and deep conditioner has saved me from going bald while keeping my natural lightness at bay. 

Don't be shy to try out own brand hair dyes, I know I was at first, but I've found nothing wrong with this. It's not the dye's fault that I need to redo my roots every three weeks, but it certainly saves my hair from snapping off at the thought of being treated.

I still use a permanent dye every two months or so to keep the creeping blonde at bay for a little longer, for example if I have something important coming up and the last thing I need to worry about in the morning is my blonde fighting back. But apart from that, this non-permanent suppresses my natural colour just as well as a permanent! So if you're new to colouring your hair, a semi-permanent like this is worth a try.

What's more, I chose to write up this post just as I began bleaching my ends to make a DIY ombré. I'll post again when the job's done, it's just going to take a few attempts to bleach the 4-odd years of black out!

What hair dye do you use?

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  1. Black does really suit, I didn't actually realise it wasn't your natural colour!

    char, xo

  2. Ha! My friend's father used to call me blackhead :)


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