Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's The Little Things - Talking to Dave England and Rick Kosick.

In this day and age of fans and celebrities communicating via Twitter and various other social networks, it's hard for most fans to get a look in. Let's face it, we all have lives beyond the keyboard. We don't all have the spare time to trash a celebrity's tweets with spam copy-and-pasted 'FOLLOW ME ILY' replies. But when average kids like myself are recognised by our heroes, it pretty much redefines our love for them. It's one thing to pass a celebrity on the street and say hi, pose for a photograph and so on, but what if they live on an entirely different continent to you?

Which brings me to my recent experience - speaking to Dave England and Rick Kosick on Twitter. For those of you who don't know them, Dave is a professional skateboarder and Rick is a photographer that works on Jackass, of which Dave is a member. I'm a huge Jackass fan, as you might know by the fact I don't go a week without tweeting about it, my first tattoo is going to be the Jackass logo, you know, the usual stuff fans do.

The topic of conversation was hardly something to write home about, but my heart was racing so badly I was convinced it would fly out of my mouth. Dave just happened to tweet at half 1 when I was struggling to sleep, and it spiralled from there, ending in a rather touching conversation about Dave's alter-ego Darf exposing himself on Twitter. See for yourself...

This probably happens daily to some of you, but I'm writing this post purely because I'm so humbled and so grateful to those two guys for acknowledging I existed and for engaging in conversation with what I can only describe as a fangirl. For taking the time out of your days to talk to me, and most importantly for dragging me out of a self-deprecating rut, thanks England and Kosick, you've made one girl ridiculously giddy. 

It just goes to show that not every guy out there is a Jackass, and not every Jackass lives up to his name.

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  1. That's so awesome. I think if anyone famous twittered me back I'd not shut up about it for a week. I fangirl hard enough when a podcast I like tweets me back xD. Glad they made your day :)


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