Monday, 5 August 2013

Review Catalogue

It's taken me a while to commit to the idea of listing all the products I've reviewed on the blog so far. I figured 'nah, nobody would read it', 'nah, it'd just take forever. Surprisingly, after a two hour sitting, I completed it.
If you're searching for a review of a particular product that's been featured on my blog, you can now head to the Reviews tab at the top of the page!

My most popular category so far has been eye products, but that's understandable given I started this blog with the intention of solely reviewing eyeliners and shadows, hence the title!
I'll update the Reviews page once a month so it's keeping up with the products I review each week, so make sure to check back if you've missed anything. I hope you find this resource as useful as I will!

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  1. This reminds me I need to update my review & swatch pages. I like your reviews, I'll have to have a browse soon :)

  2. Great wee tips in here! I've been looking for a decent semi-permanent black myself to space out the permanent dyes a little more, they're always faded a little fast for my liking but I'll give this a whirl - the first one I ever liked was a Boots Botanics one so hoping there's consistency across the Boots dye range!


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