Monday, 26 August 2013

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive - Review and Swatch

A few months back, I asked the #bbloggers on Twitter what their favourite drugstore my-lips-but-better lipsticks were, and the response resounded 'Seventeen Beehive'. Of course, at the time, I was infatuated with vibrant lippies, so I avoided purchasing it until I was invited to a job interview and I was in need of a barely-there lipstick which still fulfilled my need to wear a lip product.
I've always been tentative about lipsticks that look just like my natural lips - why should I waste money on looking just as I do without makeup?

This Seventeen lipstick proved me wrong, it's not a waste of money when a lipstick looks as gorgeous as this. Beehive evens out my lip colour, which ranges from skin colour to dark purple on a good day, and provides much-needed moisturising qualities too.

At first, I thought the mirror in the lid was an unnecessary gimmick which would wear off and I'd soon snap it off if it jumped out of its position the next time I took the lipstick out. But it just reminds me that I don't need to reach for another mirror, and it's so ridiculously helpful when you've got your hands full or you can't find your compact mirror.
Winner winner, chicken dinner.

I only feel the need to reapply after two hours, but it's not like I need to because my lips still look the same, they just don't feel as slick or moisturised without this on.

My only qualm is that the lid only clicks back down on the tube in one position, which can be a pain when you're trying to rush out the door and you have to waste precious seconds rotating it back properly, which could easily have been avoided with a small design alteration.

However, the price is still quite steep. £4.79 isn't a price I'd regularly pay for a lipstick that makes no real difference to my lips, but as I use it for work, I'm happy with it. Not too sure I'll be repurchasing unless there's a good offer across the Seventeen range in Boots - their mascaras are next on my hit list.

But other than that, I'm in love with this and I'm finding myself using it an awful lot more than I expected because it's easy as hell to apply, sometimes without even the aid of a mirror. I won't use the cliché 'my lips but better', ah shoot, I just did.

What's your favourite MLBB lippy?

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  1. That's really pretty! Also, don't think I'm a weirdo in saying this, but you have really lovely lips. They're a beautiful shape. Ok, I've sufficiently creeped you out now. Sorry about that!


  2. I like the shade of that lipstick!
    Very nice :D

  3. This is lovely, might have to pick this up


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