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John Frieda Hydrate and Rescue Shampoo, Conditioner and Repairing Oil Elixir* - Review

My hair is in such bad condition after all the bleach and dye I've thrown at it for years on end, I know instantly whether a deep conditioning product is going to work or not - and believe me, these work.
When I was approached to review John Frieda's new Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue range, I jumped at the chance. I've reviewed the deep conditioner and the Perfect Ends treatment from their Full Repair range in the past, and their success for my terribly damaged hair gives me 100% faith in this new range.

Over the summer, I bleached my hair twice to create an ombre, then used countless permanent and temporary dyes to aim for a purple ombre, all of which have failed, but they've succeeded in one thing - destroying my hair. My ends were frizzier than a haystack in a tornado, and while that gave it plenty of body that I've been aiming for all my life, it wasn't a healthy kind of volume.

Ignoring the bright green colour my hair turned after an awful semi-permanent dye, you can see the frazzled state my hair was in before.

The first thing I notice with the Hydrate and Rescue range is the smell - that same sweet, nature-like scent of Inca Inchi oil from the Full Repair range. It's one of those scents that reassures you that they haven't loaded it with useless perfumes, it only smells of the ingredients that are there for the sole purpose of doing good things to your hair.

The shampoo from this range lathers up like a dream, so you're not spending hours in the shower trying to work it through your lengths, and it rinses out beautifully too. While the application is effortless, it's easy to tell it's doing its job, because my hair is quite literally squeaky clean afterwards.

Repairing conditioners always seem to make your hair feel a bit glum, don't they? As if it's crying out, 'look, I know I need fixing, but I can change, I promise, just give me some time and I'll be who you want me to be'. John Frieda's conditioner swoops in like a hunky fireman to let your hair know that it's going to be okay soon, that it'll lift the hair up over its shoulder and possibly give it mouth-to-mouth later... is this analogy going too far? I'll stop there.

I love John Frieda oils above all other brands, purely because these don't weigh your hair down or make it greasy and sticky, they work into the hair so effortlessly and the results are visible straight away. I use a good six or seven pumps of this on my locks because I have past shoulder length hair, but you just use as much as you feel you need to give your hair a treatment.

Thankfully, I was far from disappointed with this range. Having used these every day for the past two weeks, it's safe to say they've salvaged my frazzled hair from the brink of destruction. The shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil combined have returned a shine to my hair that the summer's torture had stripped from it. Usually, my hair would grow weary of the same product and would start rebelling by way of drowning itself in grease or simply refusing to let any product soak in, but with this range it just sat back and allowed it to work its magic.

If you need further proof, here's the condition of my hair after one use of all three products. No frizz, no hay-like texture, no tangles - it's back to a manageable condition.

With products like this, I'd recommend using shampoo, conditioner and repairing oil every day for a week, just to get your hair acclimatised to the treatment it's being offered. Believe me, it'll thank you for it. I can see myself buying this range over and over, as I've done with the original Full Repair range. I know they work wonders and they're worth the price even when you're on a tight budget.

And what's more? You could win these products by liking and entering daily competitions on the John Frieda Facebook page! What have you got to lose?

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  1. I think these are next on my list of things to try, as long as they don't strip my colour. My hair is frazzled too.


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