Friday, 27 December 2013

Bands That Deserve More Attention #3 - Foxy Shazam

It seems you guys loved hearing a bit of Crown Jewel Defense through Bands That Deserve More Attention, so here's a band that will rock your socks off even more - Foxy Shazam.

Take one look at that line-up and you probably don't know what to expect from them, right? Foxy are undoubtedly the most oddly matched band I've ever seen, but there's no denying the music they make sounds as if they were born to be together. The only problem is, they don't exactly fit into a rock sub-genre, they seem to make their own image and style so personalised that they can't be compared or replicated. If you're looking for ultrasonic vocals, cracking riffs and an unexpected trumpet, Foxy Shazam are for you.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Foxy's singer Eric Nally (the one practising an elegant stride in the photo) is as close to Freddie Mercury as you can get, but perhaps with a higher voice. His extravagant stage antics and hilarious inter-song tales make Foxy Shazam stand out from the crowd like no other - he once claimed to write a song up aged 4 stuck upside-down in a washing basket. If you're a fan of over-the-top performances that ooze enthusiasm and get you moving within seconds, you'll fall in love with Foxy Shazam.

I saw Foxy when they supported The Darkness a few years back, and it's safe to say I've loved them ever since. This is a band that you have to see live to appreciate fully - Sky jumps on top of his keyboard and Eric jumps on the guitarist's shoulders while he's playing - Foxy wreak havoc in all the best ways on stage.

You know by now that my main weakness with bands is thoughtful lyrics, a listen to Bye Bye Symphony above will show you just why I love them. Foxy can switch off the optimism and plug in the existential doubt in a heartbeat, and their self-titled album demonstrates this talent perfectly. Each track sends you on a chaotic journey of emotions from the ecstasy of Bombs Away to the regret of Evil Thoughts, stopping briefly at the Killin' It party and the optimistic heartbreak of Count Me Out along the way. 

Eric Nally never fails to input a moral in Foxy's lyrics, as you can see in Oh Lord, an ode to his son Julian and Eric's unwavering support for his boy through whatever life will throw at him. Not only that, but this video is a cracker, despite being so minimalist, it's coordinated perfectly and showcases Foxy at their finest.

A review of Foxy Shazam wouldn't be complete without a reference to I Like It, possibly their greatest song of all time from their new album The Church of Rock and Roll. I really can't describe it, just listen to it...

If all these factors weren't enough to tempt you to the Church of Rock and Roll, Foxy has been hailed as 'the 2nd greatest rock and roll band of all time behind only The Beatles'. I'd say that describes Foxy better than I ever could.

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