Tuesday, 31 December 2013

So long and goodnight, 2013.

2013 has been a hell of a year. Alright, so I say that at the end of every year in a vain attempt to paper over the cracks, unfortunate events and mishaps of the past 365 days. But why should we try and forget the downsides of every year that goes by in the hope the next one won't be quite as bad? Why not accept what's gone wrong and actively prevent repeating them next year? That's a surprise, coming from a pessimist. Without further delay, let's go through how my 2013 shaped up...

I started writing properly for WU History, my university's history blog, giving me a place to research and write at my own pace outside my studies. Eyeliner reached 100 GFC followers, which made me ridiculously proud of this little corner of the web. Oh, and it snowed. A lot.

Zombies Wear Band Shirts was born, and I finally found a home for all my musical rants. I spent my first Valentine's Day alone, which wasn't as painful as I expected it to be. Not all that eventful, are you, February?

Three words - My Chemical Romance. James Hetfield from Metallica spoke to me on Instagram, and the fangirl in me reached level 9000. Most importantly, I got my first first on an essay at university, all the hard work finally started paying off. 

April was the month I rejuvenated my love for old Tony Hawks games, and it was good. This is all that happened this month when I was supposed to be revising for exams. Oh, and I discovered Reese's Cups, and I haven't looked back since.

In May, an old friend messaged me to see how I've been, little did I know he was trying (and failing) to ask me out. Luckily for him, I'd fancied the emo pants off him for years, so I accepted and the rest is pretty much history. Oh, and the Eurovision Song Contest got me in all of a Twitter frenzy, which I still feel the need to apologise for. I also saw The Great Gatsby, hands-down my favourite movie of the year.

I celebrated my 21st birthday in great company and headed to London the following day to see the Pet Shop Boys with my mum. One of the best gigs of my life, despite the pain from standing all day on public transport and wandering around the V&A. June marked two years without Ryan Dunn, which I'm sure you're all aware is still breaking my heart.

I started a new job volunteering at a local museum and met some great people to boot. I started to try out ombre hair, but it was doomed to fail from the start. July was the month of pop culture, as I found myself glued to the image of the Lindo Wing doors on the news for an entire day until Prince George was born. I also parked in front of the TV for weeks on end for my favourite time of year - the Tour de France, despite the lack of Bradley Wiggins.

I became an extra in a Discovery Channel docudrama for a day - I'll be on the small screen as a waitress someday soon, that is, if they ever decide to air it. I had a lengthy Twitter conversation with Dave England from Jackass which still leaves me speechless. I went to a steampunk themed party and loved every second.

Besides a trip to Wales for a few days, I headed back to university to start my third and final year, crapped myself about the dissertation and the entire month disappeared in a blur.

Ah, my favourite month. Halloween was a resounding success, dressing as Gene Simmons beside Mark's zombie Michael Jackson. Also, I finally upgraded to an iPhone 5 and consequently joined the front facing camera crew.

My favourite Doctor, David Tennant, returned to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary of my favourite TV show, and the anniversary was absolutely perfect. My teenage idol turned my world upside-down. I also got a new job at my university, and I'm loving it already.

I evaded having a miserable Christmas for once, the blog came on in leaps and bounds, but my dissertation did not. I started preparing for a new year that'll most definitely have its ups and downs, just like its predecessor... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So this is the new year, but do you feel any different?

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  1. I am very amazed by the information of this blog and i am glad i had a look over the blog. thank you so much for sharing such great information.


  2. I didn't know you were going to be an extra! You kept that quiet :)

    Danniella x | www.famousinjapan.co.uk



  4. Nice overview! :)
    Happy new year!

    x Dawn


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