Monday, 7 April 2014

OOTD - We Only Come Out At Night

BEANIE: Primark
T-SHIRT: Motionless In White (customised)
SHORTS: Primark
TIGHTS: Wilkinsons

I apologise if you follow me on Instagram and you've seen this shirt a million times over already. As well as sentimental value, I'm a massive fan of Motionless In White and this was the first shirt I decided to cut, so it's a bit more special to me and I'm finding myself washing it every day just to wear it the next.

Despite the weather warming up just enough for me to wear shorts and tights, I'm still wearing beanies and misjudging the 'hoodie and jacket' weather as I leave the house. I'm well known for going out in winter in a vest top, then five dozen layers in summer, as if my body clock never goes forward at the right time.

Since I've moved house and finally got my zombie claws into new unlimited broadband (I had limited data until now - 10GB a month?! Oh no no no), I've been branching my music taste out into more heavier realms. Asking Alexandria, Architects and Issues have become new obsessions and have been on constant loop for weeks now. Of course, everyone's definition of 'heavy' will differ greatly, but for a girl that came from a glam rock, pop punk, emo background, metal was a genre I could only dream of getting into. In the last few years, however, I've become a lot more perceptive to metal, and I'm indebted to the people in my life that have brought me kicking and screaming into the present day as opposed to clinging onto my flares for dear life.

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  1. Definitely love the shorts with tights look.

  2. This is stunning! xxx

  3. Amazing outfit. Loving the shoes!

    x Dawn


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