Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Green-lipped monster!

I'm not a lipstick kind of girl, I'll admit that. I've always put my eye makeup on so heavy that lipstick felt a bit redundant or perhaps one step too far. If I've ever worn lippy, it's been deep red and feathered down my face after a long day.

But a lovely lady at my local Superdrug persuaded me to give something else a try, that something else being the Barry M Lip Paint in 207, Touch Of Magic Lip Paint. In hindsight, I was being spontaneously crazy choosing my first proper lippy as one that doesn't even have a colour on the stick, but I love crazy things, heat sensitive products fascinate have always fascinated me -- who doesn't love something that changes colour? Come on, admit it, you all had a mood ring as a kid!

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this applies, and because I was a lipstick newbie, I hadn't mastered the art of not going outside my lips (let's just say as a child I was proud of never being able to colour in the lines), but this doesn't show as much when I went overboard.

Light Sides
- Ahem -- it's GREEN!
- Heat reaction adapts to your lips on any given day - it even changes to a blue tone when you're cold!
- No sliding or feathering so far (I'll update this post if I ever find any!)
- Leaves a stain so no real need to keep re-applying.
- Non-sticky, perfect for windy disobedient hair days.
- The looks you get when you're applying green lipstick! Everyone's so shocked! (and it baffled my boyfriend so that has to be a bonus!)

Dark Sides
- As with most Barry M lip paints, these should be used with a lip balm as they're very drying.
- On my lips at least, the colour can sometimes go blotchy, for example my top and bottom lips were two drastically different shades -- cringe!
- A bad thing as well as a good, it leaves a stain after, and when it stains on the brightest pink you don't feel suits you, you're a bit stuck (unless of course you have a good concealer!)

Overall, I'll be using this every day until I find something better, because I still adore the green novelty and the colour it makes when it's dabbed on as opposed to swept on is pretty, especially considering my lips are pink enough naturally!

What do you think of the Touch Of Magic Lip Paint?

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