Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tattoo me!

I've been waiting for weeks to finally write this review, the Maybelline Color Tattoos have become my favourite eyeshadows now, I'm having a love affair with it. I find I much prefer the UK release names to the American ones - Immortal Charcoal v Audacious Asphalt? Maybe it's because I love the word 'immortal', reminds me of Evanescence. Plus, we've got the coloured stickers on the lids, it's probably just me but I love seeing the colour on the lid.

Clockwise - Eternal Silver, On and On Bronze, Immortal Charcoal, Endless Purple
Pretty obvious which one I use the most!
Swatched (L-R): On and On Bronze; Eternal Silver; Endless Purple; Immortal Charcoal

Anywho! My first choice was Immortal Charcoal and from then on, I fell in love with them, the consistency, the application, the pigmentation, everything about it. I use Immortal Charcoal as a primer for my usual Rimmel eyeshadow and it doesn't crease at all in my 12+ hour days. It's taken me so long to find a decent eyeshadow that caters to my long day needs and because the charcoal is a dark silver, I expected it to be like everything else I had tried, which run  Hence why I bought three more!

The only one I'm disappointed with -- as I'm sure you've heard this in other reviews -- is Endless Purple. It was the one colour I was most looking forward to, but it's a lot more sheer with one stroke than all the others. It's not exactly buildable either, maybe I've had a faulty product or I'm too heavy-handed but it gets lumpy when I try and build it. Although I'll say it was the most stubborn of the lot - scrubbing off these swatches, I still have a streak of purple across my hand even now!

Eternal Silver is beautiful but weak with one stroke and does need building, but that's a lot easier than it is with the purple. I go to glam gigs so this will come in incredibly useful for those glitzy evenings, alongside metallic eyeliner and of course glitter! I accidentally swiped some of this on my face and it deposited just a thin layer of glitter, so to my surprise I found it can also double as a semi-dense body glitter -- who'd have thought it?

On and On Bronze is my go-to shade when I'm just going to walk the dog and I feel a tad underdressed without an eyeshadow, and because it's so simple to apply on your finger in a rush.

Light Sides
- Easy to apply - just swipe with your finger.
- Dries almost instantly - I can't be the only one who despises waiting with your eyes closed for products to dry!
- Beautifully pigmented and easily buildable.
- Crease-proof - big statement but they've not creased on me so far whatsoever, and I wear them for at least 12 hours!
- Easily lasts 12 hours - I've never worn make-up for exactly 24 hours so I can't be sure whether it does what it says on the tin!
- Almost identical in texture and staying power to Mac Paint Pots, plus they're less than half the price!
- Eternal Silver doubles as a semi-dense body glitter.
- Affordable and well worth the money!
- I can't see myself finishing a pot of this any time soon, even though I use Immortal Charcoal every day, you need so little product with so much colour pay-off that one pot may last forever!

Dark Sides
- Endless Purple doesn't live up to the expectations of the other colours.
- The quick drying is problematic when you've made a mistake and struggle to undo it!
- Glass containers with more glass than product - makes a nasty clatter in my make-up bag, plus it deceives you into thinking you've got a lot more product!
- It's possible if you leave the lid off these for too long, they'll dry out. It hasn't happened to me yet but they're the same consistency as gel eyeliner so be careful!

You can pick up these beauties for £4.99 in Boots and Superdrug, and I'm tempted to purchase Permanent Taupe and Turquoise Forever next time, not only because I want to finish my collection but I desperately need the colours!

What do you think of the Color Tattoos? Have you had the same problems with Endless Purple?

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