Friday, 11 May 2012

Magneto's here!

I picked up two Barry M magnetic nail paints in great anticipation because I’ve not had the funds to invest in any others on the market, and as I’ve always trusted Barry M, I was glad they *finally* hopped on the bandwagon! I picked Magnetic Dark Silver and Magnetic Blue.

I’m not filled with complete praise for these though, as my dark silver attempt failed horrifically, literally no pattern emerged at all. I know it’s not a faulty magnet because I’ve tried the two I have on the blue polish and they work fine. Although admittedly the pattern on the dark silver isn’t as prominent as other colours and I wouldn’t have bought it if I had read the reviews before, but I’m attracted to dark colours like some kind of goth magpie.

On the other hand, the blue failed to disappoint! Both starburst and wave magnets made a fantastic impression with deep blue and contrasting light tones — I’d take a photo but my nails are short and stubby because I naturally cut them as short as they can go, I’m no hand model!

Light Sides
- Interchangeable and creative magnet patterns make for great eye-catching designs.
- Blue is very effective.
- Great coverage.
- Large typical Barry M size bottle - I won’t be running out of this any time soon!
- Only takes two coats but works best with 3.
- Lasts longer without chipping than some other Barry M products, like the foil effects, without a top coat.
- Dried quicker than I anticipated (I had my route through my house planned out so I didn’t need to touch anything and smudge it like I always do - thankfully this didn’t need it!)
- Affordable!

Dark Sides
- Dark silver had absolutely no effect - maybe I had a fault product?
- Hard not to make a mistake when you’re rushing to apply the coat and immediately apply the magnet (or am I just useless at controlling my hands?)
- Not an impressive range of colour. But maybe magnet effects aren’t as effective on lighter colours, or maybe they’ll release more…?
- Remember to twist the cap on properly BEFORE you put the magnet cap down on it - I made that mistake and had to fish it out making a right royal mess in the process!
- I had no issues but there are warnings that some of the magnets are faulty. Barry M are willing to replace them for you if you email them nicely!

Despite the failure of the dark silver, I like the interchangeable magnets and I might invest in the violet sometime, but I’ve learnt from my mistake and will read other reviews before!

Retailing at £4.99 at Superdrug and Boots both online and in most stores now they've been out for a few weeks. Don’t forget the 3 for 2 in Superdrug right now!

What do you think of the magnetic nail paints? Have you had similar problems with the dark silver? Have you received a faulty magnet?

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