Sunday, 24 June 2012

Not so lippy now, are we?

I left the MUA stand contented with my handful of four lipsticks given the multitude of rave reviews, my hopes suitably stacked high. I've been so amused by the fact there's a small pot of 'lip gloss' at the end of each tube, I had to have at least one. #smallthingssmallminds

I wasn't impressed. Don't get me wrong, they're worth the £1 price tag but I personally wouldn't raise them any higher than that.

Shade 5 - Although this gives the impression it's a nice pink lipstick, I couldn't see from the sample at the end of the tube that it's chock full of glitter and I just can't find the appeal in that, although I'm sure someone else will. Just a clear glittery lip gloss if you ask me.

Shade 14 Bare - I'm pleased with this, a nice matte nude, worth the £1 that's for sure. Probably my favourite of the four because it's exactly as it appears in the tube, and it's not a colour that feathers noticeably.

Shade... well I don't know what shade this is. My lid says '14 bare' but the website says otherwise, so apologies but I'll be calling this one 'orange' - This looked so beautiful in the tube and I was itching to give it a try, but this is the one that's put me off the entire range. The coverage is patchy, barely leaves a hint of colour, and where it does, it's streaky and embarrassing.

Shade 1 - I had high hopes for this one too, and I do think it's worth the £1, I like the pigmentation and it glides on easily, but the wear time is abysmal, it's quite drying and it feathered so quickly outside my lips.

Light sides
- Only £1 so you can afford to make mistakes.
- I love the 'lip gloss' pot at the end of each tube, makes me feel like I'm getting a 2-for-1.
- Glide on easily without too much resistance.

Dark sides
- The shades are only printed on the lids, and it took me half an hour's worth of research to find out which shade was which!
- Not the best wear time.
- Feather and smudge a little too quickly.
- They never seem to dry, but they're quick enough to dry out my lips!
- Dreadful pigmentation on most - yes, I'm looking at you, orange!
- The glitter in shade 5 is overwhelming.

Overall, I'd say it's very hit-and-miss with these lipsticks, I'd recommend doing your research before plunging in and buying whatever looks pretty from the end of the tube, and even swatching in the shop doesn't give you much indication of how it'll fare on your lips. But at £1 each, you can't expect much!

What's your opinion on MUA lipsticks? Your favourite shade?


  1. I quite like the MUA lipsticks. I like shade 6 and I also love the lip booms I have shade omg and vibe.

    1. Oh I'll keep an eye out for shade 6, I guess I've picked a few bum shades :( x

  2. This was so good to read. I actually love the MUA lipsticks, and I find the stay on power is brilliant for me, it stayed on after a big lunch meal. I haven't tried any of the lip booms though, not a fan of lipgloss! Greta blog, consider yourself followed lol :)

    1. I'm definitely in a minority then! Maybe it's just because I'm not a lipstick fan that's all :) Yeah I'm hearing the lip booms are pretty good but I'm the same, lip gloss isn't top of my list. Thanks for the comment, I'll keep trying to like them! x


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