Sunday, 24 June 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

And here it is, the one you’ve all been waiting for (a girl can dream, right?) - what’s in my makeup bag! I’ll be the first to admit I carry way too much makeup with me, I’m envious of every girl that can just carry a lip butter and live with it! I physically can’t go out for the day without pretty much every product I’ve already put on my face, because I find I laugh, cry, frown, smile and generally distort my face so much during the day no product really stays put! Maybe that’s a sign that I need to start buying high-end products, but as long as I’m a penniless pauper of a student, I can spare the extra shoulder baggage!

My makeup bag is actually a pencil case I got in W H Smith a long time before I carried as much makeup as I do now, but I still only bought it for the purpose of lugging my war paint!

Ramble over, onto the contents!

- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair. My only gripe about this is that the print rubs off the tube, otherwise it’s flawless!
- Lip Silk lip balm in Cherry. Some cheap grab from Poundland, tastes yucky but smells heavenly.
- Barry M Limited Edition Lip Gloss in unknown colour! Gorgeous pink with pretty pink and gold glitter. I don’t wear lipstick often so this is pretty much my go-to product. Not sticky at all either!
- Lipsmacker in Cherry Coca Cola. I adore these, totally pointless but I love a boost of flavour in the middle of the day, as you can tell I like cherry!
- MUA lipstick in shade 14. As I said above, I’m not a lipstick wearer, unless it’s a perfect deep red or black for face painting. I put this in my bag to encourage me to try it out, and I’ll admit, this is probably why I don’t wear lipsticks. It was absolutely nothing like the colour on the product itself, my lips might be pigmented already but I didn’t expect a coral lipstick to turn me purple… Yeah, maybe I should post about this separately!
- Tweezers. Because you never know when you notice something you need to get rid of!
- MUA waterproof eyeliner in black. I’m so sold on this product, I adore it! I got so used to paying over £6 on my old Bourjois liner that wasn’t even waterproof! So glad I tried this!
- MUA blush in shade 1. Nice and pigmented for its £1 price tag, and I don’t wear blush much because I’m so pale it’d look like I’m indescribably embarrassed all day, but this one is a happy medium for me.
- Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Immortal Charcoal and Eternal Silver. My babies. My lifelines. I wouldn’t be without these. Ever. I smuggled them into Download festival, I was *that* determined!
- Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Candlelight. I never used to use powder but now I know what I was missing out on!
- My lucky casino chip! Me and this beauty go back a long way, for over half my life I’ve considered this chip my talisman, I carry it with me pretty much everywhere.
- Rimmel mono shadow in After Dark. Not exactly black, but it’s good enough for me for now. Plus it was from Poundland, bargain!
- Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. This is in here to remind me to test it out but I keep ignoring it (#goldfishproblems)
- Maybelline Falsies Waterproof mascara. My all-time favourite mascara. An absolute nightmare to remove at night but I admire it’s determination. I'm not entirely sure why I carry this with me, because once I've applied it in the morning, it's completely impossible to apply another coat during the day!
- Bourjois double-ended shadow brush. This came free with a purchase months ago, and I’ve never tried it out properly, so maybe now it’s in the ‘black hole’ bag, it’ll receive the love it’s due!
- Soap And Glory Smoulder Kohl black waterproof eyeliner. I ADORE this, truly truly waterproof, only problem is its not insanely pigmented. Or at least not when it’s lathered over my entire face in a KISS-themed mess!
- Laura Geller double-ended brush. My old faithful when it comes to eyeshadow!
- L&B face brush. Just your average face brush really, powder, blush and bronzer, fine by me!

Do you have a lucky object? Do you have any suggestions for black eyeshadow? And most importantly, what's in your makeup bag?


  1. I love the MUA lipsticks my personal favourite is shade 6

    1. I'll have to look for that one and see if it changes my mind on them, thanks for the comment! x


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