Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here's my iPhone, so call me maybe?

Apologies for the title, that song's been going round my head thanks to every shop in town playing it on loop!

I've watched a few 'What's On My iPhone' Youtube videos and loved seeing what apps people have discovered, and because I'm a bit of a music hoarder, I don't have the memory for many apps on my phone, so they have to be really useful or enjoyable to make the cut.

So my first page is mostly the generic apps - Calendar, Photos, Notes, Camera, Clock, Calculator, Newsstand (can't shove this in a folder, really annoying!), and a Utilities folder that contains: Reminders, Contacts, Voice Memos, Weather, Stocks, Maps, Compass, Game Center, iTunes, App Store and Mail. None of these are used so they're stuck in a redundant folder for the rest of eternity!
Next my installed apps are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger and My O2.  I don't use Facebook unless I'm tragically bored, but Instagram is my most used app, I cannot fault it (follow me @statickmagick). Tumblr is a pain in the backside since they updated it and it loads slower than I can explain but I love Tumblr like a child (asleep--or--dead.tumblr.com is where you'll find me). Blogger isn't the greatest app but at least I can draft posts on the go, and that'll do! My O2 is just so I can keep track of my contract usage because I have a rubbish 500 text limit which really really restricts me every month, but I haven't got the funds to upgrade. :(
Then there's YouTube, Safari and Settings. Pretty explanatory really, I was hoping the Chrome app would replace my Safari addiction but surprisingly I didn't find it as accessible and clean-cut as Safari, so that was a no for me.

My quick access apps at the bottom (or whatever the name is for them) are Phone, Messages, Music and Videos. I can't justify the presence of Videos considering I have none on my phone but regardless, it's there.

Next page is where it gets a bit confused. Nothing's organised, it's just in the order I've got used to and I couldn't bear to change them around!
- Tap Tap Revenge 4. I've been playing this since January last year, admittedly not constantly but it's great to go back to it when I'm bored. I think the best songs you can get on here are by Slipknot, Psychosocial and Snuff aren't greatly challenging for me but I love the songs and I can almost remember the tap routines off by heart! I once made a global high score on a Linkin Park song, that's my claim to fame right there.
- Sol Free. Solitaire keeps me sane when playing cards are not available, but I tend to finish games in under two minutes so it gets tedious.
- Angry Birds Seasons. I got a bit bored of the generic game because I was consistently stuck on levels, but Seasons is amazing, I love the Halloween levels.
- Lancome Virtual Palette. I'm finding it hard to get bored of this makeup designing app, sure it's pretty restrictive and the colours are limited to the Lancome ranges but I love the feel to it.
The next five apps appeared in my post on photo editing apps here.
- Picstitch.
- Pixlromatic.
- Dash Of Color.
- PicPerfect.
- InFrameCut.
And two more...
- Ozzy. If you hadn't already guessed, I love Ozzy Osbourne. This app is a mini-world to me that I can get lost in when I've got nothing going on in the real world. I featured it in my June favourites here.
- WayCooler. Prepare for a long-winded explanation here! The artist Alex Pardee designed my favourite album cover which will soon become my first tattoo, In Love And Death by The Used.
He's such a quirky, magnificent artist and I would highly recommend his work to anyone, and this is his photo editing app which lets you put his obscure features onto your photos, make your friends have pop-out eyeballs, make your mum grow wings - anything's possible.

So that's my iPhone and its apps, what about yours? What's on your phone?


  1. Never heard of the What's In My iPhone thing! My phone is pretty boring for a smartphone, haha. Though I absolutely love it! So glad I went for the Galaxy SII.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

    1. You should do one too, it's really useful for picking up app ideas from other people, I've found so many games through other posts! x

  2. Great post! Sounds fun, I might have to do something like that with my phone!

    Come checkout my blog if you get a chance :)


    1. You really should, I'd definitely read it, it's great when you find new apps through other people! :) Just checked out your blog, loving it! Following already :D x


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