Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Instaweek #2

It's been over a week since my last Instaweek, that's for sure. I'm dreadful with timing but this one's a little sparse compared to the last! I've left out every photo I put in this blog to spare you lovely followers the repetition, so there's even less to feature here!

Kerry King from Slayer's wife Ayesha left me a handful of comments and likes, this was the first one. She's a beautiful human being, inside and out!
I like my arty tights shots, as you could tell from my last Instaweek.
Haybales as far as the eye can see. My dog walks are filled with excitement as you can tell!
A suspicious-looking skull on my bandana?
It was my boyfriend's granddad's birthday on Saturday. This was just a test photo to show him how to use Instagram but I liked it eventually.
I started a July Photo A Day but it wasn't as inspiring as the one I'm doing now, but this was day 1 - a self portrait. My hair is big and I look like the lost member of Motley Crue.
My mum walked into my room, saw this poster, stuck up her middle finger to it, then left. I have an awesome mum.
I have a new hobby when I get bored, and that's opening a map at a random page, reminiscing if I've been there before, and researching the place if I haven't.
Not a photo but a statement of solidarity for the Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, I believe he's innocent, given the circumstances.

So that's it for another Instaweek! What have you lovelies been up to this past week? Anything exciting? Feel free to follow me on Instagram @statickmagick!

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