Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Yogi apology - more apologetic than your average bear!

Due to my rubbish broadband package and everyone else in the house exceeding the limit, I have to apologise in advance for my absence for the next two weeks. I have free internet after midnight so I'll do what I can then, but as that's the time I'm usually sat in bed on my phone watching Youtube videos, I can't post much then either. 

On top of all this, is the recurring fact that I'm an unemployed student living off my student loan, scraping by until my next instalment when I return in September. I have a severe lack of funds to back a beauty blog that progresses into new products, so the likelihood of seeing product reviews from me from now on will be limited. I'm more than welcome to donations, PR samples, whatever, but as I'm a fledgling blogger, those will be as good as non-existent, so I'm afraid the contents of this blog will be sparse from now on.

The posts you're most likely to see from me are Instagram-driven, for example I'm taking part in the July Swamp Photo A Day Challenge, established by the lovely grav3yardgirl whom you probably know and love (who doesn't?), so I might have to resort to posting each day's photo to keep this blog active, but whether you as my followers would consider it spamming your dashboard, I'm unsure.

Once again I'm sorry for my inactivity, I'll keep you updated somehow! In the meantime, have a photo of another EOTD from a few days ago, my first attempt in a long time at just eyeliner, and this is photographic proof I can't draw a straight line! Oh I'm ashamed to call myself a beauty blogger!

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