Thursday, 26 July 2012

July Swamp Challenge 21-25

21 - Hands - I wasn't very creative this one, my nails weren't painted but I had awesome tights on.
22 - 100 Days Til Halloween (Creepy) - Halloween's officially my favourite day of the year (besides Dia De Los Muertos) and this is the Nightmare Before Christmas frame my boyfriend got me for Christmas :D
23 - Dessert - I strip Milky Way bars. It sounds rude but I have a strange thing where I can't eat them without taking all the chocolate off first! Does anyone else have this?
24 - Statue - It's a statuette but who's being pedantic? I've had this 60s dress mannequin since I was little, isn't it adorable?
25 - Reflection - I'm not creative in the slightest lately, so this is my Nails Inc Portobello with my nails reflecting in the lid. Artistic genius out!

Only 6 days left of the July Swamp Challenge! I hope grav3yardgirl makes another for August because I have nothing better to do with my summer! My next post will be the last 6 photos of the month and a month summary so be sure to keep an eye out :)

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