Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collection

A few days ago, I was scouring QVC (as you do) for any beauty offers, and their 'today's special value' on that day happened to be this gorgeous Nails Inc set, I fell in love instantly and I jumped for the phone. I've been waiting severely impatiently for this to arrive in the post so I could show you!

Nails Inc 7 Piece Special Effects Collection

Warwick Street - Same as Sloane Gardens, apparently this won't be widely available for a while. It's a white-to-grey base with tiny pink and blue glitter. I don't think I like this one, it's a bit like wearing grit on your nails, it's such fine glitter and it applies really bumpy, I couldn't wait to wipe this one off!
Pudding Lane - Bright aqua with navy and gold chunky glitter, I adore this one, it goes well on my toes, perfect for summer. Although, being a 90s kid, it does remind me of the gaudy glitter polishes us girls were always collecting and using excessively.
Sloane Gardens - Apparently a new shade that won't be hitting the salons for a fair few months. It's a dark blue with slightly brighter blue glitter, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Princes Arcade - I wasn't all that keen on the nail jewellery range because they seemed like a coat too much, but this is a cute chunky pink glitter works well over most colours.
Cheyne Walk - Supposedly 'mirror metallic' purple, I didn't see much mirror in it and it's only slightly metallic. I was surprised how transparent this applied even after two coats, by which time I'd given up, next time I'll try three and see how it goes.
Portobello - Gorgeous neon coral, this is my favourite by far, it's absolutely beautiful, I removed all the other colours to keep this one on!

You've probably noticed there's only 6 pictured here, that's because my mum's pocketed the last one, but never fear, I have found a stock photo to complete the set!

Porchester Square - I'm not a big fan of nude nails, the one thing I like to go overboard on beauty-wise is my nails!
Do you own any of these shades? What do you think of Nails Inc?


  1. Replies
    1. Guh so do I, I can't stop staring at them!

      Ali xx

  2. I love all these colours- even the nude :)
    Daniella x

    1. I'm actually warming to the nude now, fingers crossed I can prize it from my mum's grasp and give it a try!

      Ali xx


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