Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Favourites!

So I'm still a fledgling blogger but I love seeing people's monthly favourites posts and videos, so I think I'll do one of my own, although for anyone that reads my posts, everything listed will be majorly predictable, so I apologise!

MUA Professional Eye Primer - I've never used a primer before and if this is the standard that they are set at, it's pretty damn good.

MUA Heaven And Earth Palette - Yes, I've been posting FOTDs here and here featuring this lately, so it's understandable it made it into my favourites. I'm loving playing around with new combinations!

Soap And Glory Smoulder Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner - This (now little) pencil saved my life at Download festival this month, I would've been an absolute mess without it!

MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - I'm astounded by this - for £1 I expected minimal waterproof-ness, but it's perfect, probably more waterproof than most high end brands! (see my full review here)

Benefit Bad Gal Lash - I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara after I'd read mixed reviews across the blogosphere, it gives me that touch of volume that my lashes really need, and it picks up lashes most others don't even touch.

Not pictured = Primark 4-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes - I know face wipes are a beauty blogging equivalent of cheating in an exam, but these are the only wipes I can work with, they take my stubborn waterproof mascaras off better than any others I've tried!

And non-beauty products...

iPhone app - Ozzy. As you might already know, I'm a lifelong fan of Ozzy Osbourne, and my life goal was achieved when I saw him and the rest of Black Sabbath at Download Festival on the 10th. I'd downloaded this app the day it came out months ago, but I must've been navigating with my eyes shut, I never saw the little fan community the app provides, enabling fans to gain points for their participation in forums and photo posting etc. It may seem a little pointless, but as Ozzy is my idol, I can't fault this app, especially when there's a steady loop of Ozzy's best songs playing while you explore!

Movie - The Woman In Black. This has swept the blogosphere but not always positively, many people believe the hype was overplayed and the appearance of Daniel Radcliffe distracting from what could have been a decent scary movie. I, on the other hand, loved it, it's a great return to the classic Hammer film, it's chock full of decent scares!

Artist - Black Veil Brides. This was a tough one considering I'd converted to metal ever since Download, but I'm afraid my old music taste prevails, and with anthems like Fallen Angels, empowering tunes such as Rebel Love Song, and the summary of my teenage years in Knives And Pens, I can't fault them. At Download I'll admit they didn't play their best set, but while they were being pelted with bottles, Andy handled the situation perfectly and I'm so proud of them for standing tall against all the negativity.

Album - Slayer - Reign In Blood. As I just mentioned, I'm a firm convert to metal, and Slayer has to be the one band I've attached to, and it's not just because Kerry King's wife spoke to me on Instagram, but I've fallen in love with Raining Blood and Angel Of Death, both powerful and classic songs that have influenced the metal genre for the better.

Song - Roger Alan Wade - The Light Outlives The Star. As it was Ryan Dunn's tragic anniversary on the 20th, this song's been on my mind and playlist for the entire month. It can never be overplayed, and it will never lose its significance and meaning.

So that's my favourites over for another month, if you're reading this then thank you for sitting this essay-length post! I really enjoyed this so I'll definitely be doing another next month!


  1. I love the MUA palette. I din't like the woman and black becasue I had read the book and senn the play before and the film is really different from the book and the play. I do recommend you read the book if you haven't already :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation I'll give it a try! I read the book synopsis online but I wasn't as inspired as I was by the film, it didn't seem to involve a great deal of conflict as the film did. Maybe it's just the inner scriptwriter in me, who knows? x


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