Sunday, 15 July 2012

I wanna love you but I'd better not touch...

Everyone has their style icons, don't they? Everyone has someone that they look up to, right? Everyone has that one person that when they see them on television, real life, or in any other medium, they feel a sense of pride and to some extent wish they could be like them, yeah?

Well let's just say mine aren't the conventional 'style icons' you see in fashion magazines. To be honest with you, I don't even consider myself fashionable by any means. I don't buy clothes from high street chains, purely because I feel like fashions change too often and you often find yourself buying something one month then throwing it away next month when it's considered 'out of fashion'.

I love Alice Cooper. Not just as a person and an artist, but his sense of style since the 70s has inspired me in so many ways. For a start, I was always fascinated by that iconic eyeliner, combined with his expressions - after all, you can't go wrong with a face that looks like you just stepped out of the shower (I'll admit it, I call my post-bath face 'the Alice Cooper' because my mascara never quite comes off properly before). I like to think Alice flew the flag for theatrical makeup, becoming an icon for the more sinister, dark themes compared to the likes of KISS and Bowie.

Alice Cooper's Vaudeville-inspired theatrical stage presence courses through his costumes, and it amazes me to no end that a 64 year old man still looks amazing in skin-tight leather. Coated in studs and not a colour in sight, Alice's appearance always made me feel comfortable in my own skin, because as I grew up I grew out of colours and brightness, maybe it was a confidence thing, maybe it was just because black covers a multitude of sins, or maybe because black goes with black and you never have to fear colour clashes.

Leather gloves, leather jackets, leather pants, leather boots, leather belts - Alice was hardly the vegan icon. But over the years I've found faux leather products everywhere, it's safe to say Alice's style can easily be copied if, like me, you prefer not to sport animal skins.

There's one subtle detail about Alice that I love - some of his shirts are tailored higher at the front to accommodate his outrageously oversized belt buckles - it's the little things eh?
Not entirely sure I'll be trying this one out in a hurry though, however amazing it looks on stage, I don't think it would go down well on the high street!

Who's your style icon?

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