Thursday, 16 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

9 Loves

1. I love my boyfriend. Well that was a pretty obvious response, but whatever. We were friends for almost a decade before we got together, and he knows me better than anyone.

2. Music. My second love will always be the music that's helped forge the person I am today. I've posted before on every type of music that I've loved in my life so far.

3. Eyeshadow. I can't leave the house without either a bold eyeshadow look or just a quick sweep of colour.

4. Bandanas. The bandana I'm wearing tells you how I'm feeling that day, it's like a mood ring but doesn't turn me green.

5. Dia De Los Muertos. I love everything about this date in the Mexican/Spanish calendar - the calaveras, the tagetes, pan de muerto, the list goes on. One day, I'll visit Mexico and see the celebrations for myself.

6. Ozzy Osbourne. This stands alone from my music love because my love for Ozzy goes beyond his music - he's a true family man, his accent, his style, his flawless career, he's been my idol since I was little.

7. My iPhone. I couldn't be without it, it's as good as glued to me. I'm always trawling the App Store for new games and things to play with.

8. Spider-Man. There's something about him that I admire despite my completely irrational arachnophobia. Tobey Maguire will always be my Peter Parker, and I shall accept no alternatives.

9. Plastic bracelets, or 'shag bands' as they used to be called when I was a kid. I haven't grown out of them, I have about 94 now and I'm desperate to make it to 100.

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