Thursday, 16 August 2012

Galaxy Nails: Ali Shouldn't Attempt Nail Art. Ever.

Having seen so many bloggers make amazing attempts at the galaxy nail trend, I was fully psyched to make an amazing piece of nail art to treasure for as long as it survives until it chips. I scrambled through my nail polish bag (yes, I have a bag for nail polish, like I've mentioned before, I'm dreadful at makeup organisation) and pulled out my favourite colours, cleared a space in the garden and sat in the sun ready to create a masterpiece.

Two valuable lessons I should have learned from nail art by now is: I'm impatient, I can't wait for things to dry; and I can't make anything perfect because I have the most unsteady hands.

Stargazer UV Yellow
Barry M Foil Effects Silver
Barry M Foil Effects Gold
Barry M Cobalt Blue 291
Nails Inc Bluebell for InStyle
Nails Inc Portobello
Nails Inc Maddox Street
Makeup Sponge

I started off with a base of Nails Inc Maddox Street - a lovely black polish with a subtle silver shimmer, which I thought would help with the effect of distant stars behind the galaxy pattern.
Then, with a corner of the makeup sponge, I dabbed each colour into half-moons and straight lines on the nails - Cobalt Blue, Gold, Portobello, UV Yellow, Silver and Bluebell.
I think one of my many mistakes was using the Foil Effects colours, they were too strong and layered completely over those underneath.
Cobalt Blue made absolutely no difference to the overall effect whatsoever, I may as well have missed out that step, and same goes for UV Yellow, which is a shame because these two colours are fantastic!

Then I put a layer of this Nails Inc fine glitter over the top. I'm afraid I'm none the wiser with the name of this polish because I've had it for years and the name has rubbed off - if anyone can shed some light, I'd be grateful!

So this was the final result...

I make a godawful mess of my nails when they're first painted, I usually give them a few hand washes to get rid of all the excess on the sides, and my cuticles are monstrous, they grow back within a split second!

Fifteen minutes after applying, I lightly tapped my thumb to make sure it had dried, and (here comes my favourite word this month) - smoosh. When I say smoosh, I mean, major smoosh. My finger left behind a little Mt Everest of smooshed polish. It was dreadful.

So, needless to say, I ran for the nail polish remover and silently grieved my half hour's hard work for absolutely nothing. But as with all the nail art attempts I make, through fighting back tears, I thought to myself...

I tried.


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  1. it turns magic when you put glitter over the top... you didnt really do that, thats what failed.

    here is my attempt, the glitter (small and large) particles made it

    1. Actually it was your post that inspired me! I just used the wrong colours and the glitter didn't help at all, ah well, I never said I was good at nail art, I'll stick to plain colours for now :P x

  2. Oh dear, I don't have much patience with nail polish either, definitely wouldn't for this!
    Daniella x


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