Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ali's MUA Collection

It's been a long time coming, but I thought I'd finally get round to showing you my ever-expanding MUA collection. Bear in mind I'm just an unemployed student so this is far from how I'd like it to be, I'm eagerly waiting for them to reach 50,000 followers on Facebook so they'll put up the 50% off everything offer (so if you don't already follow them, now's your chance!) and I can afford to expand this collection.

Heaven And Earth palette
Going For Gold palette
Undressed palette
Mono shadows: 7 Pearl (green); 11 Pearl (dark brown); 30 Pearl (bronze); 2 Pearl (white); 20 Matt (black)
Lipsticks: Shade 1 (red); Shade 14 Bare
Bronzer: Shade 1
Blusher: Shade 1
Intense Colour Eyeliners: Snow White; Forest Green; Bright Orange
Lip Gloss: Shade 2; Shade 1
Eye Primer x 2 (repurchased)
Waterproof Mascara in Black
Clear Mascara
Every Lash Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner x 2 (repurchased)
Liquid Eyeliner in Black

All time favourites have to be, of course, the Undressed palette and the waterproof liquid eyeliner! But everything here is amazing, I wouldn't have kept buying so much of their products if I didn't love them so much! One of these days, my local Superdrug will learn to stock up better so I can get my hands on the mosaic blusher, palettes and lip liners. 

What's your favourite MUA product?

All products bought with my own money - what little's left of it!

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  1. great collection! I got a large order from MUA the other day and I am struggling to get through it all. There will be a flood of MUA reviews on my blog soon :P

  2. Their products are so amazing and my favorites have to be my stick that I have and the glitter ball palette, I love it! :)
    Elle xo

  3. Wow this is a great collection. I love MUA especially their eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. I also really like the mosaic blush in English rose it's become one of my favorites.


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