Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

6 Places

1. Cardiff Bay. It's my idea of paradise, sitting in Roald Dahl Plass on a lovely sunny day, watching the world go by.

2. My bed. It's where the magic happens. And by the magic, I'm referring to where I do my makeup, you dirty minded people, shame on you...

3. There's a cemetery right next to my uni that I adore, there's a bench right at the top and you can see for miles from there, on a clear day it's breathtaking! It comes in so useful when I've had a stressful day of work and I just need to take time out.

4. The cathedral in my uni city has the most beautiful architecture, and I fall in love with it all over again every time I sit in front of it.

5. The Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo. I'm half Egyptian and I'm passionate about the history of ancient Egypt, so I'd love to go there one day.

6. Patzcuaro, Mexico. The home of the most enthusiastic Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, I'm determined to go here one day and play a part in the festivities myself.

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  1. I really want to go to Egypt too! It looks so so beautiful.


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