Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I've made a Photo A Day Challenge!

If you follow this blog, you'll be well aware that I participated in the July Swamp Challenge as created by Grav3yardgirl aka Bunny. I've been doing these Instagram photo a day challenges for a few months, but I wasn't particularly inspired by the selection buzzing around for the month of August. So I've put my undead hands to work and I've made my own!

It's under the hashtag #zombieaugust so if anyone on Instagram would like to participate, use the hashtag and I'll make it my mission to keep a beady eye on any submissions and interpretations of my daily topics. I hope they were as inspirational to you guys as they were to me!

I think I'm most looking forward to day 3 - stairs, because I love low-angle shots of a stairway you may or may not know where they lead to.

Are you going to take part in ZombieAugust? Which day's topic are you most looking forward to?

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